If you are a business professional, you must have gone through the situation of receiving numerous self-promotional or cringy emails. The senders send emails with the intention of building a network, but most of such emails land in the trash box. Undoubtedly, emails are one of the best means to reach out to people. Everyone believes their time is precious, so you must make the most of your outreach emails.

But how? We will go deeper into the concept of email outreach in this blog. Let’s get started.

Defining email outreach campaign

Outreach marketing in email is the process of reaching out to popular brands and followers with large followings and asking them for a review or to give you some content that they can link back to. Nowadays, the inbox of every individual is flooded with emails, and the attention span is reducing. This is the reason it becomes all the more important to connect with people on a deeper level. Email outreach is the path through which you can establish meaningful connections with the people from your industry and welcome great opportunities in the form of press coverage, collaborations, online interviews, etc. Sending emails gives you a way to reach out to an audience who might not know about your business or brand now. Here is how you can use email outreach to reach the right people.

Targeting the right people:

Some people think that more is always better. If you are one of those, you need to rethink. Send the emails to the people who need them. For that, define what you want to derive from your email outreach campaign. For instance – You want to get the press coverage. Start finding out the contacts of the people related to your industry or niche. If all you want is backlinks, reach out to the people who have already established themselves and linked to content similar to yours before.

Build a connection by finding similarities

Find the similarities with your target audience so that you can empathize with them through stories and share common interests. Sharing such things helps them to connect with you to a great extent. Leverage the first couple of lines in your email to make a stellar impact on your target audience. You can complement the recipient for their recent job or any achievement. Additionally, you can include the problem they are facing and extend it to compel the receiver to read your email further.

Follow up

You must be surprised to know that follow-up emails have a better response rate than sending the first email. To add more, response rates can increase by a huge 27% with the 6th follow-up email. You must send a follow-up email because many prospects forget to respond when you send them the very first email. Hence, follow-up emails help remind them that something is waiting for them, and consequently, you achieve better results.

Send follow-up emails with a proper strategy. Add some value to these emails. You don’t want the recipient to block you. So, avoid sending them too many follow-up emails. You can even learn some techniques for writing follow-up to get the best results. Monitor the results after sending the first follow-up email. Again, send the follow-up email if you don’t receive any reply after that, Still haven’t got any reply? Just follow up once more and put a full stop to it. Otherwise, your recipients may mark you as spam.

Aspect of personalization

When adopting the method of cold emailing, you have only a few seconds to convince your reader why your email is worth their time. That is why you should make your email sound as personal as possible. Address the sender with their names. What’s more? If you know a few details about the person, like what is common between you and them, write that in the email. You can praise the work of your recipient, including some specific things. Embedding personalized images or videos is something that you can do. Don’t forget to add a professional email signature at the end.

Be authentic

It is easy for people to spot a liar even from a million miles away. Don’t try to fake a connection with the recipient. Complementing or giving the best regards to the recipient on his promotion is a great way to build a connection, but do that only if you genuinely mean it.

Mutually beneficial CTA

You don’t want to just pitch your offer but build a life-long relationship. There is no denying the fact that relationships are a 2-way street. And this holds for the call to action as well. End the email with the CTA that will be beneficial to both the sender and the receiver.

Final Thoughts

Just creating strategies for email outreach is not enough if you don’t follow the techniques of tracking and assessing the performance of your outreach efforts. This way, you will have a better understanding of your target audience and change the outreach techniques accordingly, wherever required.