Digital product development is a multi-dimensional process, the success of which depends on the developers’ proficiency. A search for experienced specialists is not a much easier procedure. The solution that comes with optimization, cost-saving, and scalability advantages is to outsource software developers.

Zippia’s research shows that 66% of US companies outsource at least one department; 59% rely on external parties for task execution primarily because of cost efficiency. Businesses hire outsourced teams for short and long-term cooperation. However, as in every search process, specific steps are taken to find the perfect match.

So, how do you outsource software developers? This article will clear things up for you.

How to Identify Your Company Needs to Outsource Developers

If you find yourself familiar with the situations below, getting help from external sources will suit you.

  • You have a limited budget or don’t plan to invest a lot. In-house teams always require more costs, at least for office maintenance and employee benefits. While outsourcing, these expenses are not included. Moreover, you will see a clear picture of how much you spend.
  • You are short on time. Business owners are overloaded with duties, and managing a team of developers will require immense dedication. While outsourcing, all the processes behind the scenes are handled by the outsourcing company itself. Your participation will be needed just to clear requirements and check the process.
  • You need access to a skilled workforce. Outsourcing opens up a wide pool of talent. Moreover, when choosing a team, you can see their expertise and proficiency, so select the most competent specialists.

Steps to Take Before Starting a Cooperation

Preliminary, thorough research will help you make the right choice before signing a contract. Businesses should complete these actions when investigating candidate databases.

Analyzing the Feedback

Before entrusting your project to the outsourced workforce, seeing their specialists’ mastery is important. Reading testimonials from their previous clients will hint at how they cooperate and whether they achieve the deliverables. Forums and social media channels are the best places to look for feedback.

Reviewing the Portfolio

Every trusted outsourcing firm shows the best-completed work in its portfolio. Be meticulous when reviewing the examples, and imagine your software creation idea among the examples. If you focus on the same result, you can outsource software developers.

Making a Contact

If, after the initial research, you have stopped looking at particular companies, you can start to explore them closer. Set up a meeting with a vendor and communicate through the following questions:

  1. What is the timeframe for your idea execution?
  2. What are their prices?
  3. Do they offer product maintenance?
  4. Are the amendments accepted during the process, how many are they, and how much do they cost?
  5. Is there a possibility to bring your own developments or design solutions?

The question list will grow as you add topics related to your project and those specifically tailored to your idea.

Documents to Double-Check Before Making a Deal

When you outsource software developers, you have always to be cautious. Not because of a lack of trust but because of setting clear expectations, deadlines, payment details, and confidentiality rules. The following are the most essential documents to review before the cooperation is officially signed.

Payment Terms

Documents identifying the prices for the services provided should be described in minor detail. Outsourcing companies follow various approaches to the payment procedure: after the service delivery, partly, or completely in advance. Additional expenses in case amendments take place should also be written down.

Warranties and Liabilities

Both parties should mutually agree upon the responsibilities and roles. The warranties and liabilities set the grounds for payment, which is provided based on the performance of development services.

Notice Period

This document regulates the timeframe for the previously agreed development services. This brings clarity regarding deadlines and the estimated time for software creation.

Intellectual Property Rights

An outsourced workforce gains access to sensitive information like passwords and IDs. But as the project develops, the rights to its ownership should also be communicated. Simply put, you must define who owns the product, how it will be used, and how the company data should be shared.

Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure

Confidentiality risks are higher when outsourcing software development. To protect the sensitive data of your company and project, in this document, you must determine what applies to such data and what both parties’ obligations are in its processing.

Common Pains and Their Resolution in Software Development Outsourcing

Business owners may struggle with various challenges while finding an experienced tech vendor. Novices in that sphere might be concerned about the effectiveness of such a partnership. However, it all narrows down to the key features that separate every type of cooperation: clarity of expectations and instructions, being always in touch, and borderless and honest communication.

Another point that raises many concerns is the legal part of the partnership. However, writing and signing the documents described above will help you build legal relations and, in any situation, be insured.

Lastly, the fear of not finding the perfect match can also stand in the way. As with every top-star employee, finding a technical partner takes time and resources. However, taking proper steps and researching before collaborating can make your searches much more efficient.

Final Say

Cooperation with outsourced software developers comes with many benefits: saving time, money, and resources and getting a high-quality result. However, finding the right partner requires several steps. They are analyzing feedback, reviewing the portfolio, and setting a clear communication strategy.

Before signing the contract, you must also create and mutually agree on documents regarding payment, liabilities, deadlines, confidentiality, and intellectual property. These tips will make your searches and cooperation with outsourced software developers smooth and easy.