Taking Leadership To The Next Level - People Development Network

Taking Leadership To The Next Level

Tony Wright takes leadership to the next level. He contends that "Leaders with a refined level of emotional intelligence will engage with the widest range of followers and will be more likely to be successful."


Aspects of Value Based Leadership

In this article Ioannis defines value-based leadership as a leadership style which is constantly committed to values relevant to the benefit of a whole nation.

Witty Workplace Politics - People Development Network

Witty Wisdom On Workplace Politics

George Bernard Shaw said “Advice is like kissing, it costs nothing and it’s a pleasant thing to do.” With that good-humored preface, Jone Bosworth uses seven witty and wise Shaw quotes on managing workplace politics. “Never wrestle with pigs” and six more pieces of advice that will help you take work seriously but work politics lightly.

Are we solving the wrong problems - People Development Network

Are We Solving The Wrong Problems?

Reactions to the global situation range from passive resignation to naïve optimism. The one extreme is people who interpret the modern problems as signaling the collapse of civilization.