5 Questions To Ask A Freelancer Before You Hire Them

5 Questions To Ask A Freelancer Before You Hire Them - People Development Network
5 Questions To Ask A Freelancer Before You Hire Them - People Development Network

Questions to ask a freelancer

The gig economy around the world is booming, and for good reason: businesses and freelancers both benefit from the flexibility this unique solution offers. nWhen hiring outsourced service providers, many companies are faced with an immense choice. There are innumerable platforms to choose from, and on each of the many staff vying for the same roles, making it hard for businesses to choose the right person.  It’s imperative the hirer knows what to ask a freelancer before they hire them. 

Selecting the perfect freelancer for your job can be a challenge, so here are 5 questions that you must ask before you hire anyone, no matter what role you need them for.

1. What Experience Do You Have In This Area Of Work?

It’s important that you review the portfolio of every freelancer you consider before you hire one so that you know what standard of work they are able to produce. This will give you an idea of the style and quality of the work they can provide, meaning that you can make an accurate assessment before you commit to working with a freelancer. 

2. Are You Certified And Licensed?

Some roles, such as contractors, require licenses and certifications, so it’s important that you check that your chosen freelancer has the right qualifications before you hire them. Find certified and licensed local businesses in Australia by using a dedicated platform like LinkU to find experienced tradies who can do the job you need doing to the highest possible standard.

3. Do You Have Any Other Skills?

Many freelancers are versatile and have several skills, so check to see if the person you’re planning on working with has any additional talents. These might not benefit your company initially, but if you decide to work with them regularly then you could use these abilities on future projects.

4. How Much Do You Charge?

It might sound embarrassing to ask about cost, and whilst this shouldn’t be your main concern it is something you need to discuss before you hire a freelancer. You need to make sure that you understand how much they charge, and what their pricing structure is. For example, if they charge by the hour then you need to consider what will happen if your project goes into overtime, whereas if they have a set price per project then this won’t be a concern. By being open about costs from the start, you can ensure that you’re not left with any surprises that will affect your budget. It will also benefit the freelancer, as many of them struggle to get paid promptly for jobs, so they should be open to talking about the cost before the project begins.

5. What Are You Looking For From This Collaboration?

Some freelancers might be keen to eventually earn themselves a full-time role, whilst others might be keen to add a partnership with your firm to their portfolio. Discuss what the freelancer is looking for from your collaboration before you work with them so that you can all get exactly what you expect.

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but by asking these five questions you should be able to find the right outsourced service provider for your business.

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