For some freelancers working from home is nothing new, but depending on your personality, the experience can be lonely or soul-destroying at times. Getting motivated for the day can be tough when you’re in a home environment surrounded by distractions and your loving family. With the proper work habits, you can stay focused, productive, healthy, and happy throughout the day. This is the art of freelance.

Dedicate a Zone for Work

At a traditional 9-5 workplace, employees will have a designated workspace away from distractions, but your home may not have a separate room or space for freelancing.

It’s a common mistake for newer entrepreneurs to use a laptop and sit in the living room where distractions are at arm’s length. If your brain associates the living room with relaxation, it will be challenging to get in the mood for a long work session, so bring your work into an area with a closed door if possible. Create a small space facing the wall with a lot of natural light if you live in a small home or apartment. As long as distractions are minimal, any spot should work.

Decorate Your Space

Not all items in your workspace will act as a distraction; there are plenty of items, toys, and memorabilia that can help you press on through the workday and stay motivated. The art of freelance is the ability to stay motivated.

Flowers are a great addition to any space because they add oxygen to your home. Clean air can prevent you from nodding off as long as you replace them frequently through a retailer that offers same-day flower delivery service. Add a picture of your family members, a calendar for remembering important dates, or a decorative knick-knack to bring personality to your work area.

Create a Work Schedule

Working from home can warp your concept of time and make it harder to establish a routine. Creating a work schedule is necessary to stay motivated and stick to a consistent workflow.

To start your work schedule, wake up at the same time every day and leave an hour or two for breakfast and waking up. It’s unnecessary to start work directly after breakfast, especially if you have prior commitments, but it’s essential to block out a time frame dedicated to working. Have a healthy morning routine that helps you get ready for an extended work session.

Have a Strict Cut-Off Time

It’s difficult to stay motivated when you’re unsure when your workday will end. A cut-off time will help you keep important deadlines and provide normalcy while working from home.

Most freelancers start their businesses to create a flexible work schedule, but that can lead to overworking or avoidance behaviours if the workday feels like a bottomless pit. Set a time when work must stop and do your best to remove yourself from your workspace when the clock hits the cut-off hour. If work starts to pile up despite your best efforts, reduce your workload.

Organize Your Set-Up

Ruffling through papers and rummaging through stationary can kill your productivity if they aren’t immediately accessible to you. Organizing your setup can keep your workday on track. BenQ Interactive Panels are a great way to upgrade your setup and make it more productive.

Most freelancers will need a desk and a computer. While this won’t require a large space or expensive furniture, you need to think about where you’ll put necessary work items. If you need to keep specific documents nearby, designate a small area that’s within reach. You should also consider potential upgrades in your setups like a second monitor or a desktop computer.

Take 15 Minutes Breaks

The art of freelance means freelancers aren’t slaves to the clock and can take breaks whenever they want. The trick is to remember when to take these breaks and get back to work afterwards.

While it may seem unproductive to take breaks throughout your workday, doing so can help maintain performance and reduce recovery time between work sessions. Taking a micro-break allows your mind to detach from work and increases your overall energy. If you want to ensure you don’t leave work entirely for the day, set multiple alarms with your phone.