I’m so pleased to review Haydn Bratt’s book The M-Powered Business, and I hope you enjoy my insights.  Teresa Quinlan

“It is for the Brave. It is for the Courageous.”

As Haydn writes these words in his book, M-Powered Business, he writes it as a call to action. Entrepreneurship is not a title to be worn. Entrepreneurship is an action and these words – brave, courageous – are more than just adjectives. They are verbs. For every entrepreneur, these are adjectives to live in, to occupy…just as the contents of this book.

Encouraging Greatness

Haydn Bratt writes something I’ve witnessed him do many times over the years that I’ve known him. He encourages greatness as an inner engineering activity every single entrepreneur has the capacity to do. From mindset to, defining your values and beliefs in order to build your ‘cake’ to, finding your WHY.  Haydn weaves the nuances of human physiology, human psychology, and human nature. In this way, he lays a foundation that enables the reader to understand themselves in a fuller, more meaningful way. This kind of knowing sets the stage to have an open mind toward the system contained in the  M-Powered Business.  This is the whole point of the book and likely the whole point of what motivated you, the reader, to purchase it and dive in.

Each page turn of The M-Powered Business is an exercise to self-explore and move closer to meaning and importance. From the space of entrepreneurship, this foundation is vital to success. After all, we can be all too familiar with the growing resentment that follows obligations, shoulds, shouldn’t’s, and comparisons to others. Haydn highlights, quite profoundly, the need to be aligned with oneself in order to succeed within the entrepreneurial space. He goes about this by providing you with real-life examples, analogies, and stories that are relatable. He includes a series of guided questions. All are designed to get you moving, immediately, from your current reality to your desired future.

Demonstrating Persistence

Haydn magnifies a key piece within this success – persistence. Different from blind optimism, persistence is one’s ability to stick with a healthy habit, a small shift, or a simple practice that knowingly yields tremendous results….over time. Haydn demonstrates with great accuracy, how and why micro-contributions play the biggest role in achieving the dreams and desires of your business. He does this quite brilliantly through the foundations of Microleadership (his first book). Expanding on the 6 Daily Habits by presenting the acronym TARGET for strong habit formations. Giving the opportunity for deep personal insights with hands-on, straight-to-the-core guided exercises and practices that will make sense for YOU and YOUR business.

There is no doubt that when you crack the cover of this book, you will consume it with ferocious intensity from cover to cover. And then…return to page one AGAIN…and answer ALL of the questions, complete ALL of the exercises, and make ALL of the decisions for your business. Haydn offers all this in a pseudo-personal-coaching style. After all, you know yourself, and your business best. All it takes is Haydn’s kick-ass, to-the-point, clear, and no-nonsense guidance to unlock your mind, get decisive, and put it all on paper so that you can make the decisions to propel you farther.

What You Will Find

You will set off in an exploration of your WHY and guiding core values and principles for your business. The all-important foundation for anything to grow from.

Be the first to catch that first transfer to – Live in the Gap. Discover your own resilience to comfort and discomfort in creating momentum that has both direction and magnitude.

You will head straight through to – Be a Connector. Push the boundaries of any personality trait related to introversion or extroversion. Then harness the power of a collective that aligns with your vision and values.

Be inspired as you investigate your capacity to Find a Way – and collect all of your attributes in order to ensure that you are not an island as you approach hurdles in your business.

You will smile at the stories and references to the tech industry for – Dare to Fail while also challenging your own personal beliefs and biases related to failure and failing.

You will arrive at – Live to Serve and aspire to the future you that encompasses the goodness of all leaders who carry a vision and dream from within themselves and into the world itself.

About Haydn Bratt

When you consider the types of literature, research, advice, or proof that are desired on any topic of interest, one might google a book and go with the top recommendation or the #1 best seller. Or, perhaps, like me, you prefer books that don’t just tell you about stuff from a theoretical standpoint.

Like me, you prefer a book that shares the secrets that have been tried and tested (with themselves and with their clients), over and over again. Mastering the formula. This is Haydn Bratt and the compilation of experiences that has become this book.

I know Haydn personally and professionally and he is the same across all spaces he inhabits. He does good – in every meaning of this word. This book is his way of showing you the goodness that has been afforded to him and his clients in living the life and business they desire. I can attest to this myself. Also, I have taken Haydn’s teachings, applied the principles to my own business, and seen the results immediately. I just know you’re going to LOVE M-Powered Business!

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