Five Fundamental Qualities of Strong Leaders

Specific qualities will make more effective and strong leaders in any team situation. These qualities have to do with endearing you to your people and building them up to accomplish a goal. Here are five qualities that are fundamental to strong leaders.

1. Confidence

The first quality every leader needs is confidence. Confidence is the difference between a team that has high morale and one that is always down in the dumps. As a leader, your confidence will rub off on your team. It is one of the few qualities that can compensate for low competence. A confident leader is likely to get the job done even when they aren’t as skilled as they could be. The main reason why a strong leader needs to be confident is the reaction they will get from the team. A team is more likely to trust a strong leader, and they are more likely to follow a strong leader in situations where the outcome isn’t assured.

2. Willingness to Get Help When Needed

No leader will be able to achieve everything on their own. They will inevitably have to seek outside help. A vital feature of a strong leader is a willingness to get help both personally and professionally. For example, help could be in the form of substance abuse treatment. Admitting you need help with addiction is one of the hardest things a person can do, especially one in a position of leadership. The outpatient treatment options in LA and elsewhere are used to working with those who find help difficult to accept. However, it makes the process of getting help so much easier when you know you have all of these options available to you. A willingness to get help ensures that the leader is always improving, and that will help make sure that the team develops as well.

3. Integrity

Integrity is key to respect in any working relationship. You have to trust people to do what they say they will. A leader who has no integrity does not command the respect of his or her team. Integrity is crucial to making sure your team is willing to follow you in any situation. When you have integrity, you are more likely to have team members who trust and respect you. When you say something, they are willing to believe you, even if they find the ideas you are talking about unfathomable.

4. Decisiveness

A strong leader will be decisive in action and decision-making. The best leaders are the ones who make a decision and get the ball rolling as quickly as possible. These leaders don’t get stuck in analysis paralysis. They spend their time innovating and executing new ideas. Influential leaders understand that execution is what leads to success in every field. You can have a good idea, but you will not get anywhere if you are not decisive in your execution. It is for this reason that decisiveness is so cherished in leadership positions. Companies would prefer a leader who executed a lousy idea well than one who sits there trying to come up with the best plan possible.

5. Charisma

Charisma is the final trait of a strong leader. Having charisma enables the leader to connect with people on a deeper level. Having this ability will allow the leader to make better deals with people they just met. It also enables them to connect with team members, and that helps the team work together as a cohesive unit. Charisma also builds the team up, as they can now work with each other more comfortably.

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