Looking for the best book editing service? Whether you are venturing into writing for the first time or an experienced writer, professional book editing services will help you publish a book that gives your readers a rich reading experience.  Here are several steps to follow to find the best book editing service for your book.

1. Understand the process of book editing

Do you need a book editor to proofread your book or give your book a complete overhaul? As you can see, there are different types of book editing, and consequently, different types of book editing services.

The types of editing services available include:

    • Developmental editing is where the editor helps develop the storyline, evaluates the book’s structure, and may also provide ghostwriting.
    • Line editing involves refining each line to ensure clear and smooth text.
    • Evaluation editing is where the editor assesses the flow, structure, quality, and completeness of your manuscript. They then summarize their key points, areas of concern, and suggestions for your book.
    • Copy editing addresses word usage, grammar, and punctuation as well as checking for consistency of facts.
    • Content editing, also called comprehensive editing, involves researching, analyzing, proofreading, publishing, and presenting content. Content editors fact-check manuscripts while ensuring the correct grammar, spelling, and syntax.
    • Proofreading, the most basic type of book editing, involves the final check for formatting consistency, punctuation, typos, spacing, and repeated words.

Getting familiar with different book editing services will help you pick the right editor. Clarify what services your potential editors offer. Some editors also provide a free consultation that can help you find the right editing service that fits your needs.

2. Determine your budget

The budget you have set aside for book editing plays a major role in selecting the editor. While the costs are varied, typically, freelance editors charge $3 per page. For a 300-page book, the costs go up to $900.

Book editing, being an iterative process, there can be many rounds of editing before it can be printed. Consider the cost of additional rounds of editing and if the editor provides discounted prices when you compare quotes.

3. Things to look for in a book editing service

If you are shopping for book editing services for the first time, it can be challenging to know what qualities define a ‘good editor.’ The first step is to determine what types of book editing services you need. Once you know whether you need a line editor, developmental editor, or proofreader, you can start shortlisting suitable editors.

The second factor to focus on includes your niche. Most writers focus on a niche, and it is important to find a book editor who is well-versed in your niche.

Evaluate whether the editor:

    • is experienced in your genre,
    • matches your communication style,
    • fits your budget and timelines.

4. Request a sample edit

Many freelance editors and companies that offer book editing services offer a sample edit for free. You can send a page from your book or about 1000 words to the editor and request a sample edit to gauge their skills and attention to detail. If you are assessing multiple book editors, use the same page for easy comparison of quality. Another way to evaluate the potential editor’s skills is to send an editing quiz. Comparing the answers given by several editors will enable you to narrow your list to the one with the best grasp on grammar, particularly for copy editing.

5. Ask for referrals

Referrals from your professional networks can help you find a book editor with proven editing skills. You can also ask your potential editor for references from their past clients. When talking to references, ask if the editor met the defined quality specifications and deadlines. Find out what projects they worked on together and whether there were any cost overruns.

6. Hunt for editors on a professional hiring platform

The best place to find a vast pool of freelance editors is to use a professional hiring platform. The right freelance platform has a standardized query form apart from a streamlined process of communicating with your editorial match.

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