Every business needs to launch a marketing campaign, at least, if it wants to grow it does.  It need not be elaborate or expensive, but it should speak to your brand or the product you’re launching.  There are many examples of failing at the perfect marketing campaign.

However, the way to launch a marketing campaign for your brand is out there.  You just have to consider a few key factors as you put it together.  A winning marketing campaign isn’t just for big brands with marketing agencies at their disposal.  Here’s how to follow their example and create your own:

The Right Words

One of the most iconic marketing campaigns of all time features just three one-syllable words: Just Do It.  No matter where you live or even what brand of sneaker you wear, as soon as you read these words, you know the brand: Nike, named as one of the Top 5 Marketing Campaigns of All Time from the UAB Collat School of Business

These three words are more than 25 years old, and they took Nike’s ad agent just 20 minutes to create, according to legend, but they are powerful.  For a brand that’s all about athletic performance, from the everyday level to the professional one, the command to just do it acts as a motivator.  It’s a motivator to not only do whatever activity you like but to do it in Nike’s gear.

If your brand is focused on a specific product, your marketing slogan should reflect not only what your product does but how you want it to make your customers feel.  The best product slogans are simple and can be used for multiple marketing mixes, from TV ads to print to social media.

The Right People

Once you have your perfect words, you have to find people for your brand.  This is twofold: choose the right representatives, and target the right audience.  One of the modern era’s most noteworthy strategies combining brand ambassador and target audience is Old Spice’s: the Man Your Man Could Smell Like.

Long considered the brand of a stately older gentleman, Old Spice was losing sales to brands like AXE, which were appealing not only to the men who wore the scents but to, in this case, the women who were doing the buying.  Recruiting former National Football League player Isaiah Mustafa, Old Spice aimed its campaign squarely at the women buying hygiene products for their significant others.

In the ads, Mustafa broke “the fourth wall,” speaking directly to TV viewers.  This connected him to his audience and thus Old Spice to its customers.  The decades-old brand listened to its customers, who made it one of the most viral campaigns on YouTube. They clamoured for more videos starring Mustafa, and Old Spice listened.  Because the brand listened to its customers, it saw sales skyrocket.

The Right Images

There are times when your marketing campaigns need a few frills to be effective.  Under Armour proved this point with its I Will What I Want debut campaign video.  Featuring American Ballet Theatre’s first African-American principal dancer, Misty Copeland, the ad starts simply: a young voice reads a rejection letter Copeland received from a ballet academy as she slowly rises en pointe.

As the music reaches its crescendo, Copeland shows off her impressive athletic and artistic feats dressed in Under Armour gear.  The ad was one of the most impressive ad campaigns of the year.  All it showcases is an athlete using a brand’s products.

Compose A Spending Plan

When it comes to the process of formulating a marketing spending plan, it is never too early to start thinking about the budget. Because marketing budgets set the limits of what is feasible, and because the launch of many marketing campaigns requires a minimum expenditure, it is essential to have a very clear idea of what you can spend before beginning to make precise plans.

For instance, if you’re a startup, funding restrictions may play a factor in what marketing channels are available to get your message out to potential purchasers, however, if you’re an established business, such as a successful boiler installation marketing agency, there are no such constraints. The variety of marketing programs and techniques may vary due to funding which calls for more creative problem-solving, such as hiring a renowned B2B marketing agency to help you nail down successful campaigns and bring in many new clients.

Brand ambassadors

Especially if you are a startup, your brand ambassadors will come from your own ranks. Showcase them using your products and give them free rein to share the images with their own social networks.  Today’s best campaigns go viral because they connect with an audience.  Under Armour’s Copeland video showed its customers that rejection and failure were not the same things.

While many of these campaigns all have large agencies in common, you don’t need one to launch a marketing campaign.  Grab your phone, an employee who lives and breathes your brand, and give customers what they want: a campaign that speaks to them

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