If you are running a team of staff, you will know how important it is to keep them motivated. We all get the Monday blues, even you probably, but tasks will still need to be carried out. This means that the highest priority of managers and team leaders is to keep your staff motivated, productive and loyal to your company. 

There are a lot of methods that you can use to keep your staff motivated. Read on to see how we break down the best ways to motivate your team

Project Management

Keeping everyone as productive as they can is hard to measure. If someone is slacking off, chances are you wouldn’t know it until something big falls through the cracks. 

However, you can watch and track how everyone progresses with project management platforms on the internet. The most popular one is Trello. As part of your usual operations, you can assign your staff members cards of work, with a checklist of tasks they each need to get done that day. Watch them tick off tasks as they go and see if anyone isn’t hitting their target. 

Or you can use the platform for more significant projects. Break it up into smaller pieces and delegate it amongst your staff, so that everything is done and accounted for, and there will be no more instances of hearing “I thought so-and-so was going to do it”. 

Benefits and Bonuses

Benefits are a great asset to keeping happy employees. Some might even rely on benefits to live well, so there is a lot of importance placed on them. This need for benefits or even just appreciation for them can invoke company loyalty. You might find that employees with benefits are more motivated to do good work and more content with their job, and regular bonuses to reward good work will incentivize further good work.

But it can be challenging to keep track of all your employees’ benefits and bonuses. It usually means pulling out files and some paperwork. It would be easier to deliver your staff incentives through this employee benefits software from Zest. 

Zest offers a platform that can be used across mobiles, tablets, and desktops so that you can instantly manage your employees’ benefits, instantly add bonuses where you see fit, and your employees will know with a notification from the helpful Zest app. Plus, there’s a chatroom feature installed so that you can congratulate employees on their latest bonus. 

Team Events

You can add as many or as few teamwork initiatives as you fancy, but the important part is that it doesn’t feel like work. Everyone will start looking out for themselves if it feels like work, and the point is lost. 

However, you can incorporate many team-building exercises into a fun event for your staff. This will strengthen your team as they will learn how to communicate and work together, which will prompt more productive work in the office space. 

There are many fun things you can do that can get your staff together for some team building. Adding a team element to a lot of them is essential, but there are a lot of ideas that are already team-focused, such as trivia games, which can have the added fun element of being held in the local pub. Or, for something more physical, you can look into experiences like laser tag, paintball, or even VR rooms. A best of both worlds is the idea of an escape room, where you have to work as a team to escape. 

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