The demand for truck drivers in the industry is on the rise. You might have heard that only five out of 100 new truck drivers stayed in the industry after their first year. But there is more to this, as truck drivers need to understand how this business works. This article explains the natural progression of a career truck driver career path, so go through it to learn the secrets!

The demand for truck drivers

The trucking industry indeed needs drivers. However, it is essential to note that they’re after the type of employee that would do the job to benefit them and their company. Also referred to as top-tier drivers, they are in high demand in the trucking industry.

Truck driver learning curve

New drivers must understand the learning curve in this industry. Remember that you won’t become a high-paid truck driver when you finish driving school. The learning curve is steep, so you need to catch on fast. 

You might hear new truckers complaining about not getting paid as they expected. This is correlated with not getting enough mileage. These are the common reasons for new drivers to leave this industry. 

Be early

One of the ways to progress in your career as a truck driver is to be early on your appointments. Benign early is as important as being on time with your deliveries. This is one of the ways to exceed the expectations of dispatchers. 

Excellent communication

Excellent communication with everyone involved is crucial for becoming a good truck driver. Establishing communication with the dispatchers is critical for your success. You must provide them with constant updates about appointments or schedule changes. Truck drivers don’t need to go into detail explaining the reasons. A simple notice at the beginning or end of your shift would be sufficient. Drivers need to update their dispatchers about their location and let them know they will be on time. This move helps build trust and positions you as a trustworthy employee. Excellent communication and an excellent track record are crucial for this. 

People in advertising often use the acronym TOMA, which means Top of Mind Awareness. If you keep the company on top of customers’ minds, they will return for more. This also goes for truck drivers, who must stay on the dispatcher’s mind. 

Dispatchers will earn more if they get more mileage from their drivers. If you are the one that does their job well, they will direct the attention to you. This helps build a mutually beneficial relationship between the driver and dispatcher.

Mining safety and efficiency

Safety and efficiency are crucial for the truck driver’s job. As your career progresses, you will do more than just be an average driver. But it would help if you were very careful here. You must not rush and compromise safety. Hold onto your pre-driving routine and ensure you don’t miss a step.

Keeping an effective following distance is crucial for your operations. In most cases, experienced drivers will neglect this. 

Logbook rules

Having the office team on your side is essential, as they will plan the next load for you even if you are finished with the current one. Also, be prepared to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Things like night drives or specific routes might not be favorites for other drivers. However, your dispatcher will appreciate your willingness to accept the job while maintaining safety practices.

When the truck driving job doesn’t work for someone, they will go to being an owner or operator. But remember that bringing the average truck driver mentality won’t benefit this arrangement.