There is something about the stillness of the morning that allows us to better prepare to start our day. Although the sun may not be up yet, our focus becomes brightened with the light from a quiet mind, illuminating a plan for a day’s productive tasks. As someone who grew up in New York City, I am all too familiar with a lot happening simultaneously while having to rush and multitask. Time becomes blurred, and we no longer have control of our lives when we are at the mercy of societal factors we can’t plan for.

Setting aside a few hours to wake up early gives structure to our lives by allowing us to organize our thoughts and create an order to prioritize which obstacles to handle first. Confidence and self-esteem are gained, knowing that we have a head start on the day ahead when the rest of the world is still asleep on deadlines. Let’s discover the gems hidden in the precious wee hours while others are dreaming.

Start Our Day By Setting A Tone

Waking up early shapes an identity eager to start the day, free from procrastination and doubt. Starting right sets the tone for the rest of the day, beginning with cricket songs and quiet highways. From the moment we throw off the covers, we commit to our plan for the day.

Our moods often suffer from daily mishaps and bad news. When we return home, the day’s burdens might extinguish our early enthusiasm. Keeping our passion alive starts with cherishing the undisturbed calm of morning.

We shouldn’t waste these hours but use them to creatively craft the unexpected. Choices become more vibrant, decisions sharper, and willpower steadier before daily wear and tear sets in. Starting the morning with a smile fosters the right attitude to fend off any negativity that might come our way.

Physical Health

It’s safe to say all of us want to be healthy but to be healthy, our comfort zones will have to be breached by ridding the layers of blankets and pillows that can smother us in missed opportunities to grow. Staying up late to watch our favourite Netflix series all night may have to hit the back burner if we want to burn off what is causing the sand in the clock to pour to the bottom faster to our expiration. Setting aside time to go for a short run before our shift, shifts our perception of the amount of miles we have left in the race to success.

Early risers have the time to make a healthier breakfast, but when rushing from being late, we must compromise on a cleaner, nutritious meal for a fast pickup loaded with fats and processed sugar. We must grace ourselves with the extra time to prepare the correct foods that will not only make us feel good but please our internal bodily systems. Set the alarm clock to signal the availability to intake the nutritional foods, which also positively affects mood and energy.

Our robust work schedules should not be an excuse for why we can’t get our muscles activated. Before the sun hits our eyes, the alarm should remind us to hit the gym or run. This reduces the risk of diabetes and heart disease rather than procrastinating our well-being for a paycheck. The peak of our fitness limits starts with how soon we are willing to work for it. Before we do our first set of squats or pushups, we need to master the simple exercise of sitting up from our comfy mattress when we may not want to.

Mental Health

Mental health is getting more attention than ever before. Scientific studies from various sources confirm that depression and anxiety decrease with early bedtimes and wake-ups. Erratic sleep patterns lead to poor habits due to self-inflicted factors. The stress of rapidly changing environments, without self-examination or preparation, scrambles our thoughts, leaving us unclear about our situations and futures.

Despite smartphones and tablets being valuable as intelligent information resources, they are also incredibly distracting. We rely on these devices for much of our work, so avoiding them completely isn’t practical. However, in the early hours, we can mute the noise from social media and focus on ourselves.

Quality time increases when fewer distractions divert us from our daily goals. Our internal reward system thrives, making us feel good. Distractions and external noise often misinterpret the quiet morning’s guidance, whether it’s about completing a workout or studying for a crucial test.

Start Our Day With Intention

Early mornings offer tranquillity heard in the natural sounds around us. In these melodies, fresh ideas emerge, untouched by the harsh sounds of opposing opinions and ignorant judgments. The first ticks of the clock awaken innocent dreams and open our eyes to a sunrise of expanding goals.

Waking up early is an art, like any other craft; it demands repetition and an open mind. It might seem annoying or painful at first, but starting our days early soon becomes addictive. We feel the thrill of being ahead of the day. Becoming a morning warrior begins the night before. This is when we decide to wake up an hour, ten minutes, or even five minutes earlier. This time is intentionally used to advance our personal and external goals.

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