Failure is an attempt at success.

Failure is an attempt at success, the more you attempt, the more chance of success.

To think of “what is the use of doing something if you don’t have the money or connection” is a thought many have and do nothing because of the fear of failure but they have not failed because they have not attempted anything.

When you want to do something, you do it to a certain point but when you have to do it, you really try or force yourself to do it and so treat it as you have to do it, as in if you want to succeed, you have to do it.

Dream big and make your dreams and ideas into reality.

You will always have people trying to put you down or tell you their theory of how life is but what they are really telling you is their limitations but at the same time you need to filter out most of what they are saying and take in their mistakes so you don’t repeat their mistakes.

Failures and mistakes are part of life.

We learn from them by gaining knowledge, skills and experience but a common problem many people have is the fact they keep repeating the exact same failures and mistakes over again and all that will give you is the same failure each time so this is a attitude or habit you need “not want to but need ” to overcome if you want to succeed.

When thinking of that you need a lot of money or to be very smart or skilled or know certain influential people or that there is just too much competition are the many things you need to overcome as they can weigh you down and make you give up or not ever start to attempt because it is only you who can put your ideas and dreams out there and once they are out there, they can attract customers or investors or whatever else you want. People need to be able to find you and know you or your product and service exist and that is an attempt in itself.

Failure is an experience.

You learn from it and attempt again by modifying  the next attempt, you modify the attempt by figuring out what did not work, what was the mistake and how can I make it a success.

The more you attempt, the more you learn and then know,  if you learn from your mistakes and failures from what you know, then you don’t repeat that same mistake and failure and that increase your chance of success.

Don’t be afraid of failure.

Don’t be afraid of criticism, insults, rejections and competition because no matter who you are, these things happen to everyone but what successful people do is they ignore the insults, acknowledge the mistakes and failures by learning as they keep attempting because they want to succeed and because they want to, they have to do it to make it happen.

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George Naumovski

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George Naumovski
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