In our era of digitalization, a professional web presence is important for every company. The Internet presence is the be-all and end-all for the company so that the reach of the Internet can be used optimally. It should therefore be created with competence and creativity. However, even many professionals in web programming and web design often only consider the requirements of modern users during conception. But what about the benefits that employees can derive from an efficient company website? This article shows that both can be combined well.

These five points are the most important ones

The Efficient Company Website

The list of elements with which a website can be just as valuable for the prospective customer as it is for your own team can, of course, be expanded as required. However, these five points should be given special consideration.

The company’s basics

A company website should always contain all the basic information about the company. The products and services provided, the team and management. Also, it should include the philosophy and values, history and vision. It is important to mention that the Internet is always accessible to the employee. Even when he is on the road alone with his smartphone. With access to the complete company presentation, the employee can always demonstrate expert status, even if he does not know every product from every division in detail. This is important to give potential customers insight and overview of the services a company offers.

The contact info

The availability of the individual team members is not only important for the customer – it is also important for the employee. An interactive telephone list of the employees therefore offers the presence a real added value for everyone. Direct telephone numbers can be found quickly and easily both internally and externally.Company Website - People Development Magazine

E-mail addresses can also be included. It is important that web developers install efficient spam protection. This not only saves nerves and working time if an employee does not receive spam emails but also minimizes the risk from phishing and malware

The responsive design

More and more people today surf the Internet using their smartphones. This applies both to customers who are flexible enough to order something from their vacation and to employees who are not present in the company at the time. The screens of cell phones are naturally smaller than those of desktop PCs and the devices differ in efficiency and performance. Therefore, it is important that the presentation of the content also fits well for smartphones, tablets and others. This adaption of a website is called responsive design. Text and images must adapt to scale accordingly to be as user-friendly on tablets and smartphones as they are on the desktop application.

The download area

For many users, it means real added value if they can easily download product sheets and instructions, photos and much more from the Internet. It is also ideal for the sales force or trade fair when interested parties can be served with a mouse click. For the company, offering the download area also means efficient cost reduction, as the customer can print out everything and the company saves the postage for printing and delivery.

Possible documents could include:

  • Videos, Tutorials, Webinars
  • Podcasts and articles are written by experts
  • Whitepaper
  • Manuals
  • Info material about the company

The Newsletter

This instrument, which is one of the classics of online marketing, is also relevant for interested parties and companies alike. For the company, it is an opportunity to regularly present new products and commitments. The user is always up-to-date when there is something new. This way both sides benefit from the information in a newsletter.

Newsletters should not be sent too often and should only contain important information. Otherwise, the recipient is annoyed if he receives too many emails.

What is a website builder?

Of course, it is the experts in specialized web agencies who can create a professional and custom-fit company website. They can implement many things by which a website can be optimized for internal and external purposes, both in terms of design and technology. But there is also another method with which even the layman can achieve very good results: a website builder. In the building block principle, from the tools offered by the special software, that which optimally fits the requirements of the company is selected. Design templates are also included, but these can usually be supplemented by the corporate design to create a distinctive company website.

There is a variety of website builders. They are often offered by providers who can also manage the hosting for the new website at the same time. In most cases, there are packages to choose from, which differ in price and performance. The free or low-cost basic version can be extended with additional functions that require payment. For companies, a comfortable enterprise function is usually offered in this context, which is particularly powerful for commercial use. In addition, it is almost always possible to switch between the packages and to supplement the web presence as needed.