The decisions we make and the paths we find ourselves on when it comes to work can have far-reaching consequences. We don’t always realise this however until it’s too late sometimes. If you’re feeling a little off-balance or you feel as though work is negatively impacting your relationships there are a few things you can do to prevent it from getting worse. You don’t have to have all the answers but taking positive steps in the right direction can be a wonderful first step to a happier and healthier working and personal life

Start Your Own Business

When it comes to working for other people you can find yourself a little bit stuck, doing things you wouldn’t normally do, spending time you can’t afford, or working hard without great reward. This is difficult to accept sometimes but when your family life and relationships are suffering then it should be a catalyst for change. Although many people build a startup because they have a specific idea, or a dream they have always wanted to follow, some of us are also searching for the right kind of working opportunities that help us stay connected to family, and also be able to stay safe financially. This is where lifestyle startup businesses can come into play. 

Once you start educating yourself on what a lifestyle business is you will wonder why you have never considered it before. To help you find all the information you need and tips to taking the plunge, look to sites such as All of the content on this blog is focussed on lifestyle businesses so it will help you get started and navigate your way through the venture. It isn’t so much the startup industry you choose that makes a difference, but the way in which these types of businesses work that can help. Maybe consider your skillset and work out what types of business you could create, before long you may find you are well on your way to becoming a startup business owner with a work-life balance that many dream of. A lifestyle business is definitely a great remedy if your current work is negatively impacting your relationships. 

Take What You Are Owed

If you are employed by a large company and you are working overtime every time you are asked, make sure you are being paid back for it, never allow yourself to be taken advantage of because this will eventually wear you down. If you are a helpful person who always wants to help out in a crisis that’s great, but sometimes we can forget that we have other responsibilities and relationships to work out outside of the workplace, so prioritising this, and making sure you are doing your fair share only, can help relieve the pressure at home. We’ve got to take responsibility for ourselves and take great care to make sure we are doing the best we can for ourselves. Because if we work our fingers to the bone we aren’t much use to anyone else. 

Plan Time With Loved Ones

There’s a reason why so many people book regular holidays, it’s because planned family time together really is important. But it doesn’t have to be an expensive holiday. Taking a walk through the autumn leaves together on the weekend, doing a bit of shopping and stopping for lunch now and again and making time just to be in each other’s company really works wonders for relationships and household happiness. 

If you have children this can be even simpler because a board game or two, and reading a book at bedtime are quick, cheap and easy ways of bonding with your children and spending quality time together. It really doesn’t have to be spectacular but it does have to be planned and you should always commit to this time. 

Get More Rest

This is one thing that most of us neglect. Before you even plan your next day check-in with yourself, work out what you’re lacking and fix it. Some of us don’t drink enough, some of us go to bed far too late and have a sleep debt and some of us partake in activities that aren’t particularly healthy. So while it’s good to enjoy our time off, we have to keep one eye on our health at all times. Stress is a huge concern in the medical field and we seem to all be carrying around a large dose of it. When we know that there is something we can do about this and that the fix is quite simple, then we know what to do.

Simple self-care tasks such as taking a day off, an early night, some retail therapy or even talking to a friend, will help you get right back on track. This means our patience levels rise, we can focus easier, and that we are able to build healthier relationships all round.

So there are our key tips if work is negatively impacting your relationships.

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