The challenge to improve self leadership

It’s really hard to be a credible and authentic leader when you aren’t aware of yourself, your strengths and your weaknesses. A quest to continuously improve self leadership is an important though often overlooked skill. It’s developing mastery over yourself, gaining insight as to what makes you tick and why.

Developing self leadership can be particularly challenging because no one sees the effort you put into it. They also don’t see your internal struggles as you grapple between who you are and who you are becoming.

Here are some exercises that can be used to improve self leadership:

1. Taking critical ownership of actions

Reflecting on your actions and the impact they have had is vital to being able to know what works and what doesn’t.  What have you accomplished and how have you done so? How many bridges did you build and how many were burnt?  Are you comfortable with the outcome? Going forward what would you change and how you improve your strategy?

2. Explore the duality

We live in a world of duality.  There are opposites and contrasting aspects of our lives. Most of us have conflicting thoughts. We know we should be doing something when we’re actually doing something else. We think one way is best and we feel that another course of action is the way to go. Our understanding of the situation is radically different than the fact presented by the media, the team or another source. Science tells you one thing, your spirituality or worldview tells you another. You hold certain values and you perform certain actions. Are your values and actions always aligned? In the tension between the two, take the time to explore what both perspectives mean and their consequences. What outcomes do each strategy support and what are your impressions for those outcomes?

3. Awareness of the push-pulls

There are social, economic, political and other forces influencing our decision-making and behaviours. Certain actions are pulling you towards a goal or behaviour while certain powers are pushing you away from a certain goal, direction or behaviour. Be aware of what is pulling you forward and if that pull is in your best interest. Be aware of what is pushing you away from something or someone and if that push is in your best interest. Being more attuned to these factors improves your ability to make good decisions and make the necessary changes in strategy.

Renée helps business get unstuck. Through business relationship mapping, conflict resolution and leadership development, Renée helps entrepreneurs and businesses understand their ecosystems, identify underutilised resources and opportunities to engage.

Renée works at both ends of the spectrum: from the fun stuff of building excellent teams to dealing with low morale. She helps managers take workplace bullies by the horns, address long standing conflicts, all of the frustrating stuff to harnessing the energy in a conflict to collaborate, innovate, and build better businesses.

Renée is a speaker, trainer, coach and consultant.