Raising brand awareness may not be a priority for businesses that are looking to boost their sales. However, the reality is that spreading a good word about a company could prove as beneficial as a regular advertising campaign, if not more so

Business sustainability requires recognition from people. For example, brands like Nike or Pepsi had multiple competitors that tried to enter the market but ultimately failed or were forgotten. Meanwhile, companies that established themselves continue to be authorities in their respective industries

Newcomers may find it difficult to create a solid brand awareness strategy because they lack experience. If you are in a similar position, use the tips below and create a strategy that will lead to word of mouth saying good things about your business.

Make Use of Custom Merch

Custom merchandise is an underrated method to spread brand awareness. Businesses can design and order products like t-shirts, magnets, pens, calendars, hoodies, or caps with their brand elements on the products. You can even make your own custom stickers and include them as a complimentary gift to shoppers

Razer, a gaming equipment manufacturer, is known for its policy of including brand stickers for its customers. 

For instance, if a person puts a custom sticker on the back of their laptop and uses it in a public place, other people may notice the sticker and get the urge to find out more about this brand.

Work With Dropshippers

In the last couple of years, the top 10% of eBay dropshippers made on average $7,731/month profit. These numbers show that dropshipping is a popular business model. 

As a brand, you could look to get in touch with potentially interested dropshippers and offer yourself as a supplier. Having a middleman who promotes your goods or services in their store will be another source to raise awareness.

Even if people do not purchase products directly from you, they will still become familiar with the brand and may recommend it to their friends or family.

Publish Sponsored Content

Sponsored content on blogs is a good way to reach new audiences. Besides, a well-researched article you publish on a blog will give extra SEO juice. 

By having your article on another blog, you can expect its readers to visit your website. At the same time, if you were to publish a guest post on your website and ask the blogger to share about it on their social media channels, there would be more traffic and traction from their end.

In case you do not have what it takes to write a solid article, hire a professional writer and leave the work to them. It will cost, but the price you pay for an excellent article is worth it.

Join Podcasts

Attending live events and meeting people in person is a bit of a challenge given the ongoing pandemic. During such time, you could look for an alternative. Podcasts could be that alternative.

Joining a host and talking about your brand would be a good opportunity to promote the business and raise brand awareness. 

Take Advantage of Influencer

Influencer marketing is one of the best methods to have more people find out about your business. Even a micro-influencer who does not have hundreds of thousands of followers makes a big difference because of their engagement rate. 

Of course, you should not go for some random influencers. If you sell clothes, then you need to collaborate with influencers who run fashion blogs or post themselves wearing the latest designer clothes on social media. Or, if your company is manufacturing gaming equipment, Twitch TV streamers or video game reviewers could prove a solid option.

As a rule of thumb, you should try to establish solid relationships with influencers who are valuable and work with them long-term. Losing someone reliable is not great since you may struggle to find another influencer that you can work with.

Organize Giveaways on Social Media

Social media giveaways have been around for a long time. Organizing a contest on Facebook or Instagram is simple. People will participate if sharing and liking the post are the only conditions to enter the contest.

The more social media users share this post, the more of a snowball effect their sharing creates. Reaching as many people as possible is the goal of creating such content on social media. And if you have to giveaway something insignificant to incentivize engagement from social media users and raise brand awareness, a small sacrifice like that is surely worth it, right?

Offer Excellent Customer Service

Excellent customer service is the last tip on the list. People will not come back to your store, nor will they recommend your services to others if you offer lacklustre customer service.

Besides having reliable support that can answer questions and solve other problems, a brand should also offer a simple checkout process with multiple payment options. An FAQ page would be useful as well since some customers prefer to find answers themselves rather than bother with customer support.