Today’s managers face a myriad of challenges. From hiring the right team members to monitoring performance and everything in between, you’ve got a lot on your plate. Busy managers suffer from burnouts as they struggle to manage all of their responsibilities and support their staff.

This issue has become so prevalent over recent months, thanks to the recent Coronavirus pandemic and its extra strain on businesses, that burnout is now considered an epidemic among managers.

If you’re a manager looking to save time and improve your mental wellbeing during 2021, then keep reading. We’ll share some practical tips to save you time and ensure that you still fulfil all of your obligations to your staff, clients and superiors.

Optimise Your Team’s Performance

Improving your employee’s productivity can help you to save your own time. After all, the more work your team can take on, the more you can delegate and the smoother the process will become. As such, you should work with your staff to optimise their workloads. That might sound challenging, but thankfully, there are performance management tools out there to help save you time and effort. You can check out StaffCircle’s software, which brings together many different systems under one easy-to-use performance management platform, saving time and helping your team to improve their performance and productivity.

Be Clear In Your Communication

Miscommunication can cause serious issues in your business. It could lead to wasted time and effort, as well as causing issues that affect your clients, service users or other stakeholders. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are clear in your communication and that you provide instructions in an easy-to-follow way. If you notice that some of your staff are struggling with specific tasks or that individuals make repeat mistakes because they misunderstand their instructions, then you should work to resolve these issues as soon as possible. By being proactive, you can ensure that your team understands their instructions and gets things right the first time.

Improve Your Personal Time Management

As a manager, you might not think that time management is something that you need to focus on, but you could waste valuable person-hours if you’re not using your time correctly. You’ll also be setting a poor example for your team. As such, you should learn how to improve your time management and find handy ways to make the most out of every hour of your working day. Once you’ve tried and tested these tactics, you could also recommend them to your team members to help them improve their own time management.

Communicate Your Issues

If you’re still having issues with time management and feel that your workload is overwhelming, you should communicate the problems you’re facing. When you keep your problems to yourself, you could burn out and have to take time off work for stress. If you do this, then you’ll put even more strain on your team and might struggle in the future. As such, you should try to communicate your problems as soon as they arise and work with your superiors to find practical solutions to the issues you face. This might not sound like a time-saving technique, but by doing it, you could avoid burnout and save yourself the time that you’ll need to take off to recover.

As a manager, you need to set a great example for your team and make the most out of your time. These tips should help you improve performance management and maximise your productivity whilst ensuring that your team still gets the support they need to flourish.

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