In this article, we look at how to make an effective HR video.  In the modern world, costs of poor internal communications can be too high for any business of any scale:

  • 35% – of disengaged employees’ salaries are wasted.
  • Companies with disengaged employees have a turnover rate of 34%
  • An average of 12% of working time is lost due to avoidable inefficiency
[Source: Gallup]

The statistics above lead us to find the most effective HR tool for internal communications. Chats are not well-structured, emails are a little old-fashioned, corporate events – engaging but limited in a pandemic, HR-video – brief, to the point, connects colleagues, sparks the interest, transfers the message. Here’s a detailed seven-step guideline that will make your HR video marketing stand out:

Step 1. Who is an HR video made for?

An efficient HR video reaches its target audience with a clear message, tone of voice, and appealing characters. A target audience can be more diverse than it looks at first sight. Let us give a few examples. A general message such as Company Values should be addressed to all employees, an HR-Quiz about Inclusion and Diversity achievements can be made for the Board of Directors, upcoming innovations in a branch are suitable to direct to a team of a specific branch, and new sales targets to personnel of the Sales Department only. The main rule you should remember is to choose the correct target audience depending on your video marketing goals.

Step 2. How to shoot an HR video?

HR-video, like any other type of marketing video, depends on two crucial parameters – time and budget. If the shooting of HR-video was preplanned in an annual marketing budget, then you are lucky to involve an external team of professionals who will come up with the script, mood board, graphics, and equipment. However, some tasks appear as Ad Hoc with limited time and budget, and a marketer has to choose free video editing software and create a masterpiece personally.

Step 3. What tasks does it resolve?

The answer is simple – ENGAGEMENT. Engaged employees are your biggest fans, and you need to keep your fans happy all the time with relevant information, annual outstanding awards, leadership guidance, corporate training, new recruitment, and hiring opportunities. If we compare bottom-quartile engagement companies with top-quartile engagement companies, we will discover those top companies have 25 – 65% lower turnover, 48% fewer safety incidents, 10% higher customer metrics, 21% higher productivity, and 22% higher profitability. All these indicators can be achieved by consistent, likeable, and relevant video marketing.

Step 4. What format to choose?

A corporate movie

is an ultimate guide to your workplace, one of the most effective HR-video tools to increase your company fanbase. The corporate movie takes you smoothly from the history to the horizontal and vertical structure of the company to a CEO message of mission and company values.

Image corporate video

has a more specific goal to uplift brand reputation in the eyes of its crucial stakeholders and loyal employees. Nowadays, it is not enough to get a payroll on time; more people are choosing a company by its culture and values. Employees tend to work more efficiently when they adore what they do. The easiest way to build a positive corporate image is to create a powerful video, which highlights corporate culture, focuses on inclusion, diversity, success stories of devoted employees, and on a bigger scale, shows a corporate social impact.


can be used almost in each company division. For example, the HR department creates endless series with recruitment ads, company HR policies, new employees’ enrollment, how-to video guidelines, how to contact HR, how to organize your workplace, employees wellness initiatives, outstanding performance awards, free training courses, announcements, and events, etc.


Just imagine you got your 1-month annual leave and come back to work as a freshener. The company’s vlog will give you its latest updates, what most important changes happened when you were enjoying your margarita.

Company tour

Most employees can estimate a company size when they go to the email database and try to find a person from a division they barely know. By creating a detailed company video tour, not only do you simplify the life of your own staff but you can also use it for company presentations on numerous external presentations and exhibitions.

Recruitment ad

becomes a very popular HR marketing tool. Hiring qualified staff, conveying company values to a massive audience on all your social platforms will attract not only the best candidates but also awareness of a company portfolio.

Step 5. How to create an HR video on a budget?

Define video goals, type of video, target audience, length, and tone of voice; all of it together will bring a winning video strategy. Write a script, create a mood board, sign it off with key stakeholders. Find your spokesperson, lock the calendar with a brand face for shooting the video and the location. Prepare the equipment you are comfortable using – a drone, video camera, or newest smartphone is totally up to you. Make a couple of the same shots; later, while editing the video, you will see the details you can extract from each piece. Most importantly, choose your video editing software carefully.

Step 6. How to make HR videos more appealing?

Don’t be afraid to mix and blend, experiment with colors, quality visual effects, and motion graphics. The latest trend is to use gamification in HR videos to keep them more entertaining to your target audience. Keep in mind the 3-10-30 rule during video editing. Use the first 3 seconds to capture the attention, the next 10 seconds to set audience expectations, and the final 30 seconds to convey the key message.

Step 7. Conclusion with useful services

A brand is your DNA, it is your corporate culture, it is YOU, so how to present yourself positively? Yes, make an inspiring video. Creating your first vlog is an easy task with inclusive video editing software, that you can easily find by exploring the Movavi Blog. Get comfortable in your chair, turn on a video screen recorder and roll out your key message, add some more pictures and footage related to your topic, and do not forget to spice it up with graphics. After a few attempts, your confidence level will boost and you will use your favourite video suite for hours, as video marketing is an ART!