Achieving higher consciousness

We admire those who have achieved higher consciousness, from Jesus to Buddha. But it doesn’t matter how badly we may want to achieve such lofty awareness, most of us will fail.

This is something that we can’t understand fully. We have been told that if we work hard enough and really make up our minds about goals we will get there. So why isn’t this true when it comes to becoming more spiritual?  The thing is that there are several stumbling blocks along our way to higher consciousness. Stumbling blocks which are responsible for our failure. Most of the barriers we encounter are embedded in our subconscious, so it is very hard to identify and fight them.

So let’s start bringing them to the light, so you can decide how to deal with them.

1. Your comfort zone

For starters, if you want to reach a higher consciousness, you will need to leave your comfort zone. Many of those things that you are used to doing might not suit the new level of spirituality that you are trying to achieve, and you will have to leave them behind.

It seems easy to say but the truth is that we are so used to our habits and routine that we find very hard to change them, even when they are harming us. So prepare yourself for struggles and feelings of withdrawal.

2. Your low self-esteem

Most of us have a self-esteem problem, even though we try to deny it to the best that we can. We say that we love ourselves and that we are our top priority, but this isn’t true all the time, and we know that. We do several things that we don’t want to with the purpose to please someone else, for instance. And we eat what we shouldn’t despite knowing that it will make us sick.

3. Our material needs

We think that we need several material things that we actually don’t, and this necessity enslave us. We work more so to buy them, and we enjoy life less so to make more money. It creates a cycle of anxiety and depression that can’t be helpful to anyone trying to achieve higher consciousness. As we know, material things are just temporary sources of pleasure, as they never make us happy long enough.

4. Your low confidence

The road to high confidence is full of obstacles, so it is understandable if you feel like you won’t be able to get to the end of it. And yet, some have done do it, and there isn’t anything stopping you from doing the same. Except for your low confidence. If you don’t believe that you are capable of doing something, you certainly won’t. It is true that it sounds cliché, but the fact is that nobody has achieved anything in life after constantly saying to themselves that they can’t do it. Of course, this isn’t enough, but it is essential that you build up your confidence if you to become more spiritual.

5.  Your procrastination

With so many things to do in order to survive, you might be putting your journey off. And this is all that you can’t do. Lack of time used to be the most frequent excuse of procrastinators. And it is true that you can’t live without food and a roof on top of your head. But besides your basic needs, you probably have several activities in place that you could live without so to find time to embrace a higher consciousness.

And if it is just hard for you to get anything started, then look for strategies to get you on the move. Find a friend that wants to do the same, download an anti-procrastination app, ask your mum to yell at you. As long it works for you, it is worth a try.

6.  Your lack of persistence

Sometimes, we do get things started but we don’t manage to get on with them. As long they become too hard, or they seem difficult, we start feeling like giving up. And we actually do it.

What we don’t know is that this curve of energy is perfectly normal. Any new decision we make comes with a shot of adrenaline that gives us a head start. But as soon as this adrenaline wears off, we go back to the normal us, and motivation seems to fade away. So what you have to do is to understand that it is OK to feel like, that now you will have to keep going at your usual pace. And that is all.

7. Your lack of planning

So you have a goal, but do you know how to achieve it? The chances are that you don’t. Most of us can adopt ideas very quickly, but don’t take the time to reflect on them and analyze how to make them happen. Here is what you are going to do instead: you will stop for a while and think about why you want to achieve higher consciousness. Then you will write down what you think that you need to do to get there. Next step will be organizing the steps in a list giving them deadlines. This way will be much easier for you to see your progress, make adjustments, and congratulate yourself for your achievements.

The bottom line

There are seven stumbling blocks on your road to higher consciousness, at least. And it is OK that they are there. You should see them as learning opportunities.

But you shouldn’t give in either. Just look at them carefully and decide how you are going to deal with each one of them. It will be all that you need to move these blocks out of your way and improve your chances to achieve higher consciousness.


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