Health and safety are crucial in the landscaping industry. The industry poses many hazards: workers use dangerous equipment outside every day. Indeed, around 300,000 people in the UK are hospitalised after accidents in their gardens every year. And this threat is even more pronounced when you’re landscaping every day. Below, we explore how you can boost health and safety in your landscaping business.


Working with power tools is a significant hazard. All it takes is one slip, and these tools can become extremely dangerous. It’s impossible to remove the threat of an accident altogether. But you can at least lower the risk of serious injury by giving your staff adequate PPE. Durable clothing, a hard hat and work gloves can protect you from serious injury while landscaping. At the same time, you can train your staff consistently to use equipment as safely as possible. Plus, it would help to maintain equipment to ensure that it’s working optimally carefully.


Landscaping professionals will often come into contact with all sorts of different chemicals. For instance, working with plants will expose you to many types of fertiliser. Again, in this situation, you should provide adequate PPE and training to ensure employees can manage the dangers posed by chemicals.


Working outside can lead to hazards from insects too. For instance, a tick bite can lead to Lyme disease – a condition that can have life-altering impacts. To stay safe, landscaping professionals should have the appropriate sprays to repel insects. Long, durable clothing is also essential to protect your skin. Finally, training is vital again: if landscapers are aware of the signs and dangers of ticks, then they can consistently check their skin for any sign of them.

Sun Exposure

Sun exposure can also be a hazard for landscapers. In the short term, you can suffer from burns and potentially heatstroke in scorching weather. Meanwhile, consistent sun exposure can lead to skin cancer or damaged eyesight in the long term. As such, you should take plenty of precautions as a landscaping professional. Wear sunscreen regularly when the sun’s out – even if the weather isn’t hot, sun rays can still damage your skin. At the same time, you should wear sunglasses when it’s bright outside to look after your eyes. Finally, if it’s hot, don’t be afraid to take regular breaks in the shade where you can rehydrate and rest.

There are plenty of hazards in the landscaping industry. But by carefully following the advice above, you can lower the risk of serious injury and keep you, your employees, and others around you safe.

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