Finding a career, you are passionate about often feels like looking for a needle in a haystack. With so many roles and industries to choose from it never feels like you know enough information to make a sound decision. Most people happen to fall into their roles. They simply secure a graduate role and slowly make their way up the rankings. Choosing a career is inherently complicated but we are here to make the entire process all the easier. If you know you have a flair for business and data, you may enjoy being a business analyst. Here are five signs that you would excel in this career.  

Independent Worker 

In this role, you will probably be expected to spend many hours on your own conducting independent work. However, the remaining part of your time is likely to be spent in meetings trying to liaise with others in the room. You should have no issues working with yourself for extended periods of time nor should you have difficulties presenting your results to others. 

Attention to Detail 

For some people, the tiniest details go straight over their heads. However, if you hope to excel as a business analyst, you will need to be able to pick up on the slightest inconsistency. Look at the bigger picture and see what anomalies you can see. In order to pick up on these small details, you’ll need to have a great understanding of business and plenty of industry knowledge.  

Naturally Inquisitive 

If you’re someone who constantly finds themselves asking questions and highlighting inefficiencies, you will love analyzing business data. People who ask a lot of questions are great at solving problems and highlighting solutions. 

Job Security 

There’s plenty of job security in the world of business analytics. People often ask, what jobs can you get with a business analytics degree? The truth is that you learn tons of transferable skills, so you can even land a job as an investment banker, private wealth manager, or even an accountant.  

Top Earner 

Many people choose to become business analysts because there are fantastic financial opportunities involved in this career path. Although the prospect of being a top earner is great, it shouldn’t be the only factor that sways your decision. It should just be something you acknowledge. The starting salary for a business analyst stands at around $43,000 however it can easily reach up to $100,000 per year. 

At the end of the day, no career is final. Therefore, there is no reason to give up all hope if you spend a few months in this role and decide it’s not the right fit for you. It’s important to give everything a try as this is what will help steer you in the right direction. If you’re not loving the role of business analyst, take the things you do enjoy about this career and look for a role that’s similar. With enough determination, we’re sure you will find the perfect fit for you.