Starting a new business is surely an exciting time. Although it is not enough to purchase a few trucks and send them on the road, hard work, dedication, and organization will make your trucking business take off. Fortunately, you will soon find out there are special services intended to help you attain success with your trucking business.  Every successful trucking business has a Simplex ELD system to help track and record the driving time and hours of service. By implementing an ELD system, the dispatcher can offer real-time support to the drivers, ensuring that fleet compliance, inspections, and planning are structured and organized.

Owning a trucking business can bring you significant earnings if you put in the necessary work. If you are just at the beginning and need to learn how to create a flawless system for your business, the following points might help you understand more.

What Is an ELD System?

When it comes to trucking businesses, ELD systems are a must-have. By installing an ELD system in your commercial motor vehicles (CMVs), you can automatically track driving time and Hours of Service (HOS). Furthermore, you will be able to capture information about the vehicle’s engine and the miles driven. 

Additionally, acquiring an up-to-date ELD system ensures that your trucking business stays within the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) safety requirements and guidelines. You can profit even more if you opt for an ELD system incorporating the latest technologies. 

What Are the Benefits of Acquiring an ELD System?

Implementing an ELD system can bring many benefits not only for your trucking business but also for truck drivers. Ensuring the safety of your employers is essential in order to achieve success. Moreover, you can simplify the way you manage your business by simplifying the Records of Duty Status (RODS) processing method and reducing paperwork in the office. 

You can benefit from real-time data access that will boost productivity and efficiency at the workplace. Even better, you can reduce the risk of errors by introducing automated tracking. Some extended benefits will help you manage the fuel tax (IFTA) and the International Registration Plan (IRP) mileage reports. 

How Much Does ELD Cost?

ELD systems offer mobile applications and web portal features so that you can enjoy full benefits. Depending on your subscription type, you have several available services. A standard subscription will offer you customer support, GPS teaching, Electronic Logs, DOT Inspections, Fuel Tracker, and Remote Document Delivery for only $19.99 per month for mobile features. For an additional $10, you can benefit from the premium subscription and receive ELD supporting documents, custom policies and procedures, and an accident scene navigator. 

Regarding Web Portal Features, you can benefit from several services when purchasing a regular subscription. Some essential services are Management Portal, Vehicle management and inspections, company documents, IFTA reporting, fuel usage reporting, and automated alerts. Suppose you want to give your trucking business a productivity boost. In that case, you can acquire a premium subscription for web portal features for only $29.99.