Does a university degree impact your career?

With so many factors to take into consideration when thinking of a career path. It can be difficult to objectively assess the value of a university degree. It’s not always easy to know how it can impact the course of your professional development. It’s also important to point out that modern societies, where Millennials are entering the labour market, actually place greater value on entrepreneurship and purposeful positions.

Many venture into business as soon as they come of age. Others prefer to pursue university degrees. Some gladly do both at the same time. But how does a University degree factor into the overall socio-cultural and economic status of an individual today? Let’s take a look at some of the most significant ways higher education can affect your life.

Personal Growth

One of those intangible yet invaluable assets you gain through higher education is the ability to grow your intellectual capacity. It’s not enough to merely scratch the surface. But when you devote your time to immerse yourself in both the subject matter and the environment of people who share your passion, the wealth of information at your disposal instantly increases significantly.

Developing critical thinking, expanding your knowledge and applying your intellect in academic circumstances allows you to have a greater awareness of the world and the issues at hand. Not to mention the fact that you will be more prepared for professional challenges. You will also be able to make constructive contributions to the discourse on the subject matter.

Networking Opportunities

Opting for a university course that will contribute to defining your professional goals will also often put you in the same room with people who share your interests.  Connecting with the right people is probably one of the greatest assets in the modern world. Having a chance to introduce yourself to people in your field can open many doors once you graduate.

Moreover, you’ll likely meet your future competitors. So getting a glimpse of how they think will be equally beneficial to prepare yourself for the inevitable, but healthy rivalry.

Prepares you for Challenges

One of the main purposes of modern university education is to prepare you for your real-life work situations. Problem-solving skills and strong knowledge give you the advantage over anyone who merely demonstrates talent for a certain position. For example, if you take up a bachelor of culinary arts, you will be trained to prepare various cuisines as well as to work efficiently and handle the pressures in the kitchen.

University admissions alone require extensive preparation, and impressive knowledge, so prolonging your exposure to challenging circumstances during your studies will not only give you the information you need but will also help you overcome any potential obstacles and prepare you to handle demanding tasks in your future career. This practical application of your knowledge is one of the greatest benefits of a university education today.

Potential Higher Earnings

All degrees are not created equal. In addition, many other factors will affect your future salary. Your country of residence, relevant experience, existing performance reviews and recommendations are factors.  Your responsibilities, added certifications for example can also affect your salary. However, the value of many positions is measured by the level of education you have.  Also where you received your education can be taken into account.  

With a first-class university degree to support your job application, especially when combined with work experience, you have a much higher possibility of earning more, either immediately, or shortly after you have been hired. Education is still highly valued by employers, so never underestimate the power of your degree.

Professional Orientation

Many enter the world of higher education without a clear idea of what career they would like to pursue. Luckily, various universities offer a wide range of general subjects that can give you crucial insight into how you can shape your professional life.

While it’s not easy or practical to completely switch from one profession to another, it takes perseverance, patience and effort. Starting with a few introductory courses from the beginning of your university journey will provide you with direction and guidance toward the career that would best suit your preferences and abilities. Adults who crave a career change often take additional university courses.

Numerous factors will influence your personal growth and entice you to explore your preferences, but higher education still plays an important role in the process. Whether you are working on a well-defined career path or you’re still searching for your passion, obtaining a university degree can make a significant difference in sculpting your future and refining your mind for the challenges that lie ahead.

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