You probably have those friends or know of at least one person that seems to be due a career change more often than you can keep track. Each time you speak with them they are either starting a new job, quitting, or looking for a new job. And while it may not be your cup of tea to change careers that often, that’s not to say it’s wise to stay in the same position forever. In fact, it may be time that you start asking yourself some serious questions and try to figure out if a career change makes sense for you.

To help you with the process, we’ve gone ahead and put together the top signs that you may have outgrown your current job, and that it may be time for a career change.

You’ve Been There for More Time than You Can Remember

For some people, the idea of finding a job that you can stay in for your entire working life is ideal, but is that actually practical? In reality, most jobs will have a lifespan, but how long that lifespan is depends on a variety of things. In the UK, people typically stay at their jobs for an average of five years. So, if you’re at that mark, or even past it, there is a chance the position has hit its lifespan and you are due a career change.

You No Longer Feel Passionate About Your Job

Another big warning sign is that you no longer feel passionate about your job. Perhaps it’s an industry that really isn’t exciting, isn’t growing, and doesn’t offer the kind of promise and challenges you’re looking for.

You Want to Learn New Skills and Practices

They say people never stop learning, and that you should always be on a quest for knowledge. If that desire to learn new skills is getting stronger by the moment, re-training could be on the cards for you. A career change is a big deal, but if you’ve got that desire to learn new things, then you shouldn’t stifle it. No matter your age, a career change is possible. If you’re looking for support on which path to follow, pay a visit to which is there to support people such as yourself who are going through a career change, helping you to figure out what the right path is and what your potential truly is.

You Don’t Feel Valued or Appreciated

Here’s the thing, much of your job satisfaction level rests on how valued and appreciated you feel in your role. You could be great at your job and have the dream title you’ve always wanted, but if you never feel valued and never get the respect you deserve, then the job probably isn’t the right one for you.

Don’t Let Fear and Uncertainty Take Over

As you wade through your feelings and try to figure out if you are due a career change, it’s important not to let fear and uncertainty take over your mindset. Changing jobs is always going to be a bit scary, but that doesn’t mean it’s the wrong decision.

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