Behind every successful company is a group of effective team leaders. Team leaders make or break an entire industry. Take the tech industry for example – this industry is dominated by leaders and thinkers who challenge the old and outdated, and replace that thinking with new and modern approaches to solve issues.

When looking for the perfect employee to promote to this prestigious role, there are several traits that an individual should possess. This article aims to detail those traits and help you decide who is more capable of doing that job justice.

Team leaders are more than just salaried workers – they need to motivate their subordinates and impress their superiors as no other employee can. Here are five traits to look for in a team leader:

1. Confidence

True confidence and fake confidence can look the same on the outside, but the inside is where the difference comes in. Team leaders need to be confident in themselves, as well as the team members that fall under them.

Look for an employee that knows what they’re doing and knows that they do it well. Confidence directly impacts capability, and the dynamic between those two elements is crucial to forming the best team.

2. Communication Skills

Good communication can boost teamwork and productivity and lead to better goal collaboration efforts. Communication applies to every industry – and without streamlined communication, your company will fail dismally.

Effective communication in the workplace is essential for completing tasks well and on time. Quality communication between leaders and their team promotes better performance and a healthier working environment.

3. Prospecting

Identifying quality prospects is a skill that allows salespeople to grow and flourish within their industry. That skill helps prevent your teams from wasting time on potential clients and customers who never had much interest in your product or service, to begin with.

The skill of prospecting is possessed by a few personality types, particularly ENTP types. If you’re thinking to yourself “what does ENTP mean?” you need to research online and discover why that specific personality type makes for great leaders.

ENTP personality types are mostly extroverted, intuitive, and possess excellent prospecting personality traits. Prospecting personality types need to mix things up and keep things fresh, and they tend to consider every possible solution to life’s problems.

4. Resourceful

Resourceful team leaders create and maintain an open culture where collaboration efforts are encouraged because creative solutions are found by working together as a team. Our modern work lives are manic at the best of times, which means that resourcefulness is a crucial leadership quality to look for.

Resourceful leaders can adapt to new situations quickly and think creatively to find better solutions to complex problems.

5. Creative

Creative team leaders are better at motivating and encouraging their team members to challenge the traditional narratives of the workplace. The primary objective of creative leadership is to hire team leaders and managers to build a collaborative environment – after all, different opinions and views are more effective at solving problems.