Love is at the heart of universal wisdom – how to feel better every day.

Universal wisdom is wonderful, because anyone who has the slightest awareness of their true selves, simply identify with the message and at a very deep level understands the message is true.  If you operate from universal wisdom, you will, without a doubt feel better every day.

Universal messages are based on unconditional love and so love is the essence of the message.  The wisdom of our higher selves is always based in love which is the real core of our identity.

Our higher self is always there, but we block it out like clouds blocking out the sunshine, by our negative and limiting thoughts and our limited beliefs about who we really are.  If we truly knew love was at the core of our identity, then we seek love out every day.  We wouldn’t seek love outside of ourselves, we would look within, where love has been all along.

  1. SMILE at everyone you meet and make their day
  2. HUG, a hug a day keeps the doctor away and makes you both feel great
  3. BLESS every one you see today, if you are blessing them, you can’t be judging them
  4. ENCOURAGE someone today, encouragement sets of positive energy that you will both benefit from
  5. APPRECIATING everyone and everything you meet is akin to sending them love, it has the same energy
  6. PRAISE others, and yourself, praising yourself and others acknowledge your true self which is loving
  7. BE HONEST, take the risk of speaking your truth and owning it
  8. PAY ATTENTION to another, it is one of the greatest loving gifts you can give
  9. TOUCH the heart of others with loving sincerity
  10. ASK, requesting help from another might just be what that person needs today
  11. HAVE FUN, when you are having carefree fun, you are living life the way it is meant to be
  12. LISTEN, true listening creates empathetic understanding
  13. SEE, truly seeing another acknowledges the gift of their being
  14. EMPATHISE, understand another with deliberate intent
  15. LAUGH, make it a habit today to laugh no matter what
  16. KISS,  an expression of our inherent need to connect with another
  17. COOK, taking time to cook wonderful food for yourself and others is a loving act
  18. SHARE, when we are sharing we are celebrating the essence of who we are
  19. PLAN, take the time to plan something with someone you love today
  20. CONTACT, get in touch with someone you love today, for no other reason than you love them
  21. SURPRISE, do something unusually nice for someone today and you will both feel wonderful
  22. GIVE, giving is the true path to your soul
  23. REMEMBER, reminisce on good times with people you care about
  24. INSPIRE, speak from the heart and inspire everyone who listens
  25. BELIEVE in the best of yourself and others and the best of each other is what you will experience
  26. FORGIVE, forgiveness is a gift for yourself, not for the person you are forgiving
  27. TREAT yourself and someone you love to something beautiful today
  28. PRAY, praying reinforces your message to your higher self
  29. ACCEPTANCE of people and situations frees your mind to choose with inspiration
  30. OBSERVE, you are an observer of your life not the actor in the play of life
  31. HONOURING yourself and others is a gift from the heart
  32. ENJOY, being joyful is the ultimate expression of your heart experiencing your higher self
  33. VALUES, our values tell others who we really are at heart
  34. BRIGHTEN, find any way to brighten your day and see how you impact others positively
  35. THANK, make it your mission to feel thankful for even the smallest things in your life until the feeling of gratitude rises up
  36. DREAM, imagination is your secret power to getting what you want, so dream to your heart’s content
  37. GENEROSITY, giving is a habit to be cultivated, a muscle to strengthen
  38. GRACE is the magical essence of our higher self in full flow
  39. MAGNIFY, focus on the good you see in yourself and others and see the good magnify in your life experience
  40. PRIZE, see others in your life as a gift, prize them and hold them tight and never let them go
  41. TRANSFORM, the act of transformation is when you leap over limiting beliefs and actions
  42. EXTEND, extending yourself entails putting your own self to one side to reach out to another
  43. TIME, the precious gift of time with another is the best present, live in the present
  44. PASSION, true passion is loving energy in motion
  45. WISDOM is the expression of speaking from unconditional love
  46. SILENCE, saying nothing is often the most loving action
  47. TRUST,  you only trust others to the extent you trust yourself
  48. PATIENCE, just because it’s taking some time, doesn’t mean its not on its way
  49. FAITH, having faith means you sincerely allow yourself to believe it is true
  50. MIRACLES occur when you replace the thoughts of the ego with those of love
  51. UNITY, when you realise we are all one, you cannot help but love each other

Do you tap into your universal wisdom to feel better every day?  What other tips can you share with others to feel better every day?

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