Make your office a healthier place to work

Your office may not seem like a dangerous place to work, but it actually is affecting your health. Both your physical health and your mental health need to be taken care of when you work in an office.  From the office drama to the lighting to being sedentary all day, it seems that there are more dangers to your health than some physical jobs. If you have been feeling run down lately and not 100% then it could actually be your office that is causing this.  In this article, I will go over ways that you can make your office a healthier place to work,  that helps you work better and live better.

1.  Make it cosy

Whether we are talking about a home office or your work office, you need to feel comfortable there. It should be cosy and make you feel that it’s a pleasure to spend time there. If you dread work and hate your space then this is going to be terrible when it comes to staying healthy.

For instance, you need to have lots of plants in your office. Greenery not only looks nice, but the air in your office is much cleaner and has more oxygen to give you a bit of an energy boost.

If you can manage it, a small water fixture will also go a long way towards keeping your mental health intact. The sound of flowing water is very soothing and will keep stress from building even if you are having a bad day. You can get some ideas from the Soothing Company to see which type would fit in your office, and make it a healthier place to work.

2. The right desk

Standing desks became the hot trend for a while there until it became clear that standing all day is not any healthier than sitting all day as it only burns slightly more calories than sitting.  Getting out of your chair does help, though so having a desk that can be raised or lowered is your best option. Being forced to stand all day can end up causing back or joint problems if you are not standing with the correct posture.  These types of hybrid desks are ideal as you can raise it when you want to stand for a while and lower when your back or knees start to ache so you can sit again.

3 – Keep it sanitized

Your workspace is an area that acts as a focus for many different germs. As you interact with your coworkers and touch things like the water cooler and printer, you are taking those germs from other areas and bringing them to your workspace.

Make sure that you are disinfecting your desk, phone and keyboard whenever you arrive back at the cubicle or office. Not only that, but try to keep the air clean by using a HEPA filter in your office to scoop up any germs in the air.

Have some sanitizing gel within reach to keep your hand’s germ-free before you touch anything.