If you work from home full-time, then you may have noticed that it can be hard to maintain focus and inspiration throughout the day, especially if your home office is drab, cramped and unpleasant. Rather than being a utilitarian space, your home office should allow you to be creative, which will improve not only your mood but also your performance at work. If you’re hoping to learn how to create an inspiring home office space, then keep on reading.

Wall art

Having bare walls can make your home office look extremely dull, which kills your creativity. Instead, you should always decorate and personalise this space to boost your mood and inspire you throughout the day. One option is to hang up some prints and posters of your favourite inspirational quotes to look at when you’re feeling down, or if you often feel inspired by nature, you could hang up pictures of your favourite landscapes or holiday destinations. Many people feel motivated by looking at pictures of their loved ones, so another option is to hang up some canvas prints of family photos to cheer you up when work gets difficult.


In addition to hanging up inspirational posters, why not also surround yourself with inspirational books? No matter what your career is, there will be plenty of inspirational figures who’ve written books about their field of expertise. By keeping these books in your home office, you’ll be able to learn more about your industry and also remind yourself of how others have overcome their own challenges when you’re faced with a problem at work.

House plants

House plants are extremely popular as decorations throughout the home, but they’re especially well suited to home offices. Plenty of people draw inspiration and creativity from the natural world, and house plants allow you to easily bring nature into the comfort of your home office. Additionally, plants have a wide variety of health benefits that are particularly useful while you’re working, such as improved mood, air purity, memory and concentration. Finally, plants are great for adding a splash of colour and vibrancy to any room, so if your home office is looking a little drab and boring, then buying some house plants is a fantastic idea.


Overall, adding colour to your home office should be a priority. Nothing will drain your mood (and consequently your productivity) faster than dull, plain walls and a lack of any personality or decoration. If you’re feeling bold, you could paint the walls in bright, warm colours that instantly lift your mood, or if this is too much for you, you could focus on softer tones (such as pale yellow or green) or create an accent wall instead. Then, you could choose some colourful decorations that match or add contrast to your wall colours. Again, wall art is a great choice, or you could go for a colourful rug or an interesting desk lamp.

Having an inspiring home office is important if you want to boost your mood and productivity. Try out the decor ideas in this article to transform your own office space.