Are you able to stay motivated and productive?

For a lot of people who start new things, whether its a new business, a new work project or even a personal quest like losing weight or getting fit, momentum can quickly dispel.  Discouragement can set in without renewing and re-energising your motivation.  You need to have some activities in your tool kit to keep you motivated and productive and renew your resolve.  Here are some common and more unusual tips if carried out can help you.

1. Reward yourself

Whenever things go wrong, you are really good at being too hard on yourself. When you figure out that you have made a mistake, you are brilliant at beating yourself up. However, when you do something really great or pretty good, when do you ever give yourself a pat on the back?   When you have a lot of drive and ambition, it can be quite tempting to view your successes as the bare minimum that you expect out of yourself and as the ‘norm.’

You need an attitude change. Whenever you do something well, reward yourself with a small treat. It could be an evening playing on the Xbox, a few hours for reading a book, or a night out doing something different. Whatever you decide on, make sure you reward yourself on a consistent basis for all that you achieve. After all, no one is going to do it for you.

2. Write down any problems you are having that drain you of all your energy

When everything starts to get overwhelming, lists can be a real godsend. Whenever you are feeling unmotivated and tired, try to figure out the reason why. Write down everything that is contributing to your current state of mind.  Include things like an overwhelming workload, too much administration, lack of targets or difficult customers. After you have identified everything that is blocking your way to success, create a plan for dealing with all of the motivational roadblocks.

3. Swap tasks with someone

Anybody who grew up in a house with sisters and brothers will completely understand this concept. If you wash the dishes I will make the beds. Sweep the floors I will water the garden. If you hate to wash pans and plates, and your flatmate hates doing the cutlery and mugs, just split up the washing duties. Find another sole trader that you can barter your skills with, or pay somebody to do tasks that you don’t like doing so that you can focus on running the business, or getting on with the project.  Make sure you make difficult situations easier for yourself when working towards a personal goal too.

4. Have a change of scenery

A lot of businesses can work part or in whole from a remote location This is especially true in the current climate.  If you work predominately from home, then give yourself an odd day in the office if you can.  Alternatively, if you work primarily in the office, then spend an odd day working at home.  In your non-working life, try taking a walk somewhere different than usual.  Lookup a local landmark you’ve never visited and go and see it.  This change of scene can be a nice treat and a good way to stay motivated and productive and help you maintain a positive mindset.

5. Do something new

Why not take a new course or learn something new that could benefit you either in your work or home life. Taking on a new task and learning something new can really be a great way to push yourself and also help you to relieve a lot of stress. If you’ve restricted movement, then take an online course.  Learn how to speak a new language or try a new skill you can learn online.

6. Take small steps

Divide big projects or personal goals up into small tasks. A problem can appear to be insurmountable when viewed as a whole. Take baby steps instead of panicking and thinking you can’t get everything done. After you have your small tasks laid out, develop a timetable for getting everything done. Don’t get too ambitious. You will just end up falling behind and having to start all over again. However, do properly plan and give yourself plenty of time to complete each task. After you have your plan drawn up, try to completely forget about the big picture. Just focus on every small step as you go. After you have completed your small task, then you can move onto the next small step. Pretty soon you will have started building momentum.

7. Acknowledge perfection doesn’t exist

Forget about perfection. It is just a myth anyway. Focus on making positive progress. Do your best with whatever time you have available, instead of getting caught up in all of the minor details. Keep in mind that perfectionist is very rarely happy, and when something doesn’t turn out perfectly, it often causes them to be completely unmotivated.

You have enough pressure to deal already without needing to pile on any added stress. Just focus on finishing each small step the best that you can. Then simply move on. When you stop trying to be a perfectionist and just complete the task in front of you, you will discover that you do a much better job and are happier with your results.

So there are some simple tips which if applied when needed can help keep you motivated and productive.

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