Education is a pure element in the service sector. It’s characterized by inseparability, intangibility, heterogeneity, and perishability. Innovations in education have, hence, been made to fulfil the want for learning and the acquisition of much-needed knowledge. Namely, through the help of tangible infrastructure projects and various other intangible elements.

While looking at education, the customer in most cases makes a purchase for the sole interest of acquiring knowledge or comes up with learning benefits from the provided services. It’s important to understand that here the intangibles and tangibles are untransferable. Such include those which have already gone into the making of the product. Fees payment is considered to be a price paid for the service.

A wide range of educational institutions, such as schools, are product-oriented and pay little to no attention to the student or the market. The notion here is that the institutions take themselves to be producers of particular educational platforms and not satisfiers of some learning needs. Such a lack of marketing-based orientation keeps managers from achieving the organizational objectives of educational institutions through areas such as promotions.

Advantages of Marketing For The Purpose Of Education

Marketing of education is constantly increasing its momentum. The introduction of various private educational institutions transformed people’s mindsets and the elimination of global boundaries has propelled the importance of marketing for services rendered through education. Therefore, you can consider the education service as a high contract, people or customer-based service. However, innovations in education, such as making use of multi-media equipment, have led to the insignificance of the interaction between the teacher or tutor and the student.

With the transformations in the job market and consumer education, the market is increasing drastically through unconventional avenues. In this case, no marketer can, therefore, afford to pay little attention to such markets. Education is a service that is inseparable, intangible, and perishable. This means that certain effects exist for the sole purpose of marketing. The quality of services rendered here does not match with all customers. Similarly, they are not consistent with even one consumer at any period.

Therefore, the responsibility of marketers is quite challenging. You would expect them to make sure that these aspects of the education sector are put into proper effect so as to meet the increasing needs of consumers.

New Relations in Educational Economy

In modern times, the stages of innovations and transformations in the educational sector are mostly caused by a host of reasons, the most critical of these being the globalization processes and incorporation into the worldwide educational space through the development of a well-informed society and an educational founded economy. The most valuable intangible aspects include: 

1. Entrepreneurial spirit

2. Chronological thinking

3. The speed required in decision-making

4. Originality

5. Creativity

Other factors that have contributed to the birth of a knowledge-based economy are the high speed and constant life changes, establishment of new technologies, increased competition and increased revenues because of putting to use the intellectual property and knowledge exchange. Professionals in the field of education also add aspects such as the introduction of the Internet across all economic sectors and the global acceptance of learning information.

Students Look for the Most Appropriate Training Courses Online

Through internet marketing, society has gone through increased transformations in the education sector. Such has made the process of learning less complicated, and globally accessible. In this sense, students are able to choose the most appropriate institution or one that matches their educational needs. After identifying the learning establishment, the following step is to choose the course that matches one’s interests.

Lastly, it is necessary to note that an appropriate online search would lead to an even better course selection. Students get to pick from a variety of subjects and programs depending on their interests. Educational experts advise choosing courses based on individual interests rather than on peer pressure.

More Time Is Spent On Online Forums and Not On Television Screens or Other Media of Such Kind

While demystifying the important role that internet marketing plays in the innovations of education, it is fundamental to identify a key quote: ‘Time wasted never recovers. This may appear as a general term but, in most cases, it depicts the life of students everywhere. The problem that greatly destroys the life of most scholars is too much entertainment with no regard for learning. However, through the marketing of educational services online, we expect such factors to change soon.

Individuals seeking an education are more attached to the Internet once they decide to pick an institution or program to take. It is fundamental to note that with the growing trend of technology and communication forums, scholars from across the world turn to online platforms for comprehension of crucial matters. For example, the best learning centres, identifying the most appropriate course to take, the time required to complete a certain educational program, and issues associated with pricing or other added fees.

Putting To Use the Growing Social Media

Most students are between the ages of three to thirty years; it is crucial to understand that majority of them are very active on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Therefore, to ensure the growth of educational services, learning centres should advertise their various programs through such social media avenues. The resulting factor is that the institution will have fulfilled the needs of the majority of people seeking educational services. In addition to this, learning centres also broaden their public image and stand above others who are still stuck in the ‘stone age’ or fail to make use of the constantly changing world of technology, and information communication.

Broadening the Image of Learning Institutions

Internet marketing of educational services means that customers get to know all about the institution offering the program(s). Parents and guardians in most cases visit websites and blogs to learn about the foundation, growth, and services provided by educational centres. Researchers found that modern-day schools or universities reputations are based on their online presence. An online presence is a must-have for any serious organization/business in today’s world. That’s the first source of information for many people worldwide.

It is, therefore, crucial to design a proper website and also to create various accounts on social media platforms to ensure that people can connect with the institution in a friendlier manner. Such innovations in education are the real aspects to consider if one’s intention is to increase traffic to the services a certain learning centre is offering.

The Growth of the Internet

In the current times, the World Wide Web is the most appropriate conduit for the delivery of any service. Therefore, educational services bear no exception and are arguably the most sought-after venues on the Internet. People from across the world have noticed the critical nature of attaining a good education. The economy today is run by qualified and innovative minds, and the only way in which one can achieve this is through receiving a proper education and acquiring knowledge in a relevant field of study.

Learning centres may use the Internet for an enormous amount of reasons, for example, posting learning programs, the background of the institution, time required to complete a certain course, resources or infrastructure available for the use of students, and future aspirations or plans that the learning centre intends to accomplish.

Ease of College Admissions and Learning

There are a huge number of students, especially those in universities, who are off-campus. Therefore, it means that the constant back and forth travelling can be at times tiresome and difficult to handle. Most universities today are establishing online college registration forums, which means that one is not required to visit their respective school for completing the registration.

Similarly, online degree courses exist in a majority of learning centres across the world. The process requires the student to sign in to their school account, select an educational program and enjoy the service. Researchers note that in the current population of scholars, most depend on this service of digital education or online selection of courses.

How Internet Marketing Is Proving To Be Of Benefit to Educational Institutions

  1. The institution’s website appears at the top of the Google start page through the use of targeted keywords
  2. Increased traffic on an institution’s website and prospective students
  3. Relatively new strategies such as internet marketing lead to an increased advantage over competitors still relying on the old way of doing things
  4. Offer feedback to students through online platforms such as Twitter and Facebook
  5. Broadening the institutions’ online brand or reputation
  6. Increasing the number of targeted students for one’s college or university

Internet Marketing Services for Educational Institutions

There exists a vast amount of internet marketing avenues meant for learning centres. Some of them include:

  1. a) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2. b) Pay Per Click (PPC)
  3. c) Online Reputation Management (ORM)
  4. d) Social Media Optimization (SMO)
  5. e) Social Media Marketing (SMM)


The innovations in the education sector over the years mean that universities and colleges need to stay on top of information if they are going to attract more students. Researchers observe that the rate of education has increased over the last decade. Most people are not only attaining basic education but also moving on and putting in place the required measures to venture into higher education. Therefore, internet marketing is one of the most appropriate tools to use if a college or university intends to increase the number of students pursuing various education programs. It also spreads the reach of the various institutions offering educational services.


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