Looking to grow and develop?

Looking for a satisfying and fulfilling career? You may need to look beyond the paycheck. Some people need more than money to enjoy their career – they need to make a difference and to grow and develop. With introspection, you can find a career path that satisfies your inner empath and philanthropist.

Obviously, there are many different ways to help people. You can help people improve their physical or mental health, their knowledge, or their job prospects in different service-based careers. So which career might be best for you? That depends a lot on where your interests lie. Here are 5 great options to consider.

1. Heal Others With Massage Therapy

Many people in our modern culture find themselves in a constant state of stress. While stress serves an important biological function, chronic stress can be extremely harmful, causing anxiety and physical health problems. If you want to help people heal from stress and manage their health as well as grow and develop, you might want to consider a career in massage therapy.

Stress and anxiety hold people back. Regular massages help them to relax, reduce stress, and care for tight muscles. Many large companies, like Google, are starting to recognize the benefits of massage therapy and are providing in-house options for their employees. This increased interested in massage therapy not only gives new massage therapists an opportunity to help people but also increases their employment and earning potential.

2. Prepare Young Minds for the Future as a Teacher

Finding solutions to the world’s biggest problems starts with education. Teachers inspire their students and encourage them to do great things in their lives. One of the best ways to give back to the world we live in is to educate the next generation of innovators, healthcare professionals, writers, scientists, artists, and more.

Kids and young adults absorb all the messages around them, both good and bad. We need educators who will help students become resilient, confident learners who are inspired to change the world for the better. By becoming a teacher, you can positively influence thousands of lives—not just the students in the classroom, but also their future families and the people they help when they build careers of their own.

3. Heal Others by Working in Medicine

When most people think of jobs that make a difference, doctors and nurses are typically near the top of the list—and for good reason. Healing and caring for the sick can often feel thankless, but it’s a career path that can change and even save patients’ lives. Working in medicine is often challenging, but most people find it very fulfilling.

There are many great career paths within the medical field, depending on how far you want to take your education and training. You don’t have to be a neurosurgeon to help someone. Everyone working in medicine helps patients by offering comfort, diagnosing or performing tests, and administering treatment. Whether you’re interested in becoming a doctor, testing samples, practising holistic medicine or assisting nurses and doctors, there’s a job for you in this growing and rewarding field.

Nursing is one of the greatest options to start your career in healthcare. By researching the Internet, you can explore different nursing opportunities and the different specialties and practices. If you have a nursing degree, you can apply for PRN nurse jobs and explore different contract options and work settings.

4. Pursue Your Passion for Sports as a Coach

Most people who play sports won’t make it to the big leagues. That’s okay! It takes a lot of people behind the scenes to help the great athletes make game-winning plays. If you want to pursue your passion for sports while helping people, you might want to consider becoming a coach.

Coaches don’t just help their players learn plays and win games. They nurture the team’s relationship, help to resolve conflicts, and encourage players to bring out the best in them. You can help people become more confident, enthusiastic, skilled players by learning to be a coach who demonstrates inspirational leadership.

5. Connect With People as a Social Worker

Social work is one of the best ways to help people if you truly want to make a difference. Becoming a licensed social worker or substance abuse counsellor allows you to connect with people who are going through a difficult time in their lives and help them through it.

Social workers are needed in a variety of fields and settings. They can work with students, families, patients at medical facilities, and even in social research settings. While this career can be extremely challenging, it is also incredibly fulfilling for those who are suited to the work.

Take the First Steps

If you’re starting to think about a service-based career, then you’ll probably need some additional education and/or training. Take the first step by contacting a local college or university to see what kinds of programs they offer. Your dream career could make a difference in the lives of others!

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