Employee engagement singularly brings an organization the benefits which drive it to success. It reduces turnover, enhances employee productivity, increases profitability, and the list goes on. But, achieving all these benefits is not as easy when tackling the mammoth task of employee engagement.   Had it not been so, 85% of the employees wouldn’t have been disengaged.

Organizations need to put in tireless efforts for employee engagement. Also, it is a slow process, which demands a lot of patience. Yet, if organizations make persistent efforts, employee engagement is bound to happen.

Here, I am presenting a list of stepping stones to help organizations like you, direct their persistent efforts in the right direction.

1. Cordially treat your employees

The way you treat your employees impacts their engagement at work. When you have friendly relations with them, they feel happy and content. But, if they receive a strict and bossy treatment, they feel unhappy and stressed. If we look at these two conditions from the view of employee engagement, the first condition promotes it. Whereas, the latter reduces it. So, the first thing to do is to treat your employees cordially. Otherwise, all your efforts for employee engagement will become futile.

2. Be compassionate

Nothing can touch your employee’s hearts like your compassion towards them. If you are considerate about your employees, they are thinking about your organization. This makes it vital for you to display a compassionate demeanour. For this, there is a simple way that you can try. It is to organize weekly feedback sessions. In these sessions, you have to ask your employees for feedback. You have to make them feel that you wish to ensure the most exceptional workplace comfort for them. So, they can freely let you know about their problems, grievances and you will do your best to solve them.

3. Be the Appreciator

Employee Appreciation is one of the essential requirements for employee engagement. To understand why you try to recall how you feel when someone appreciates you. The moment you receive praise, your eyes sparkle with joy. You feel the strong desire to keep up the excellent work and unlock gateways for more appreciation. This is what your employees think, too, when you appreciate them. They feel determined to reach from good to the best performance they can give. Thus, I sincerely recommend you to be the appreciator for your employees. Praise your employees not only for the big things but for the smallest job done well. For example, if your employees are punctual, praising them is a good thing to do.

4. Help your employees bloom to their full potential

Growth is a basic need for all human beings. Your employees, too, aspire to grow both personally as well as professionally. They wish to learn advanced career skills, life management skills, interpersonal skills and so on. If you help them teach these skills, they feel valued. As a result, they become engaged. Although maintaining your employees’ growth will cost you a little, but believe me, it will pay you back much more. This is because it promotes employee engagement, which enhances organizational profitability by 21%. This finding by Gallup makes it vital for you to help your employees bloom to their full potential. For this, you can organize regular training sessions and workplace wellness programs.

5. Bid Adieu to Micromanagement

Why did you hire your employees? The simple reason is that you believed in their skills and capabilities. So, try to maintain your faith in their abilities and give them some autonomy. You never know what magic they can create with their skills and unique ways of working. Thus, you should allow your employees to have some independence and say no to micromanagement. It is crucial as micromanagement is the worst enemy of employee engagement.

6. Lead your employees

“A boss says ‘Go!’ and a Leader says, ‘Let’s go!’.” These words by E.M. Kelly highlight an essential thing that a boss gives orders, whereas a leader directs. To direct means to beacon your employees when they grope in the dark. It means providing them with all the tools and help they need to work. By doing so, you prepare them to give their best performance. It is in this kind of leadership that employee engagement blossoms. So, you must be a leader to your workforce and not a boss. You should try and put your best efforts to help your workforce deliver the best performance.

7. Cultivate a relaxed work environment

Work stress and burnout are the two biggest enemies of employee engagement. They reduce employee productivity, enthusiasm, and engrossment in work. Not only this, but they also deteriorate your employees’ health and drain their energy. All these things together lead to employee disengagement. This makes it vital for you to work on reducing employee stress and burnout. For this, it is best to cultivate a relaxed work environment. Further, there are several ways to improve a comfortable work environment. Organizing group gaming sessions, weekend parties, and playing soft music in the office premises are some of them.

This is how you can accomplish the mammoth task of employee engagement. Although it needs lots of effort and persistence, the employee engagement benefits make it all worth it. Reduced turnover, enhanced employee productivity, increased profitability are some of them. So, gear up to implement the ways mentioned above and establish employee engagement.

Photo by Celpax on Unsplash