Supplying the right equipment is vital

I do not know if you have ever watched “Undercover Boss”.  A TV programme broadcast as far as I know in the UK and USA.  If not, it’s about various CEO’s and leaders’ going incognito out into their business to find out what is going on.  Again, and again they invariably find their team does not have the right equipment and/or information. In one episode, a pizza restaurant was cooking food with only one oven. The other stood broken, having waited for months for a new one to be ordered.  Not supplying the right equipment for their employees is a big mistake made by managers. 

Failing to share information employees need

In one particular episode,  the highly applauded customer service charter had obviously reached the confines of the back of the drawer.  When employees were questioned, they knew nothing about it.  Customers were not getting the service they expected, and sales were suffering. 

When a team does not have the right equipment or information, the work does not get done.  How often do you see the repair of equipment be put to the back of the priority queue? In these situations, the impact is often not even taken into account when assessing the offer to customers.   Not only does delayed action affect results, but it also thoroughly demotivates the team.

Effective leaders and managers

Effective leaders and managers understand how important it is for employees to have the best and most efficient equipment with excellent service and repair contracts so when problems occur, they are fixed speedily. 

They understand that not supplying the right equipment simply causes big problems.  They realise it is false economy to scrimp and scrape on such equipment and they see “having the best” as a real investment, not only for achieving results but also for employee morale.  The environment an employee works in is either a motivator or stressor depending on how well it is stocked and managed.

Great leaders and managers understand knowledge and information management is key and so have systems in place to make sure employees have access to the information they need both to do their jobs and to keep in touch with the changing nature of the business.

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