Customer service has always been and always will be crucial for businesses. Customer service is crucial for businesses because it is a way of retaining customers and getting more value from them. So, it’s in the best interests of all businesses to work hard to provide customers with top-quality outstanding customer service. We have come up with three key customer service tips for businesses today.

Use Live Webchats

Nowadays, there are various benefits to using live webchats for customer service teams. One major benefit of live webchats is providing customers with 24/7 support and assistance. Make your customer service department operate throughout the day. Your customers will always be able to get hold of you should they ever want to raise any of their concerns or talk with you about any faults they are experiencing. Live chat generally improves the overall customer support experience for the customer.

Live chats can also help boost your team’s productivity since a staff member on a live chat can multitask and use a few chats at once to juggle several clients simultaneously. Whereas a staff member can only usually deal with one phone call or one email at a time.

As well as providing support to existing customers, live chats can also help companies with customer acquisition and the onboarding process for new customers. Live chats can help businesses connect with new customers to gain their trust so that they use the company website and spend their money on your products and§ services. 

Modern technologies and using things such as live chats should be embraced by companies these days to optimise their levels of customer service. 

Optimise Your Client Communications

The second of our customer service tips is to optimise your client communications. Your business must ensure that it efficiently deals with customers and puts all of the possible measures to facilitate client communications and make the customer experience as good as possible. 

A few ways that modern businesses can connect with clients include interacting and engaging with clients across social media channels, telephone calls, emails, text messages, and the more old fashioned way of by mail. Thanks to the progress of the internet and social media, we are now more interconnected than ever before, so there’s no excuse for businesses failing to communicate at sufficient levels with customers. 

It is also important to make sure that your business’s phone systems work efficiently so that customers don’t spend hours on hold in large queues as they are unable to get through. Spending too long navigating the phone system to get through to speak to the right person in the right department is irritating and wastes a lot of valuable time for customers, the staff, and the business. To optimise communications with customers via telephone and make life easier for staff in your customer service team, why not  invest in OpenPhone to implement auto-attendant scripts to point your customers in the right direction.

Provide Deals for Your Existing Customers

A great way to retain existing customers and prevent them from going elsewhere to one of your competitors is by keeping them well informed about existing deals, discounts, and promotions that you are currently offering. 

Ensure you provide incentives for customers to stay with you and deals that reward customer loyalty. For example, 5% off yearly subscription fees after being a customer with a company for longer than 5 years.  Customers will inevitably want to leave if they feel that they are not getting value money from your products or services. Don’t ever get too comfortable and complacent and overlook the importance of maintaining a high-quality level of customer service, and think that your current customers will stay with you forever. 

Customers place a high value on customer service these days. Unfortunately, they can easily go and trash your company customer service department’s reputation by giving them a poor rating on customer review sites online. Poor customer feedback relating to your customer service department being unhelpful is a very bad look for any brand. Given the power of online customer reviews these days and the internet, meaning that bad news now travels quicker than ever, companies must work harder than ever on ensuring a high level of customer service for their customers. The dedicated customer service team must resolve any issue quickly, calmly, and politely. Disregard your existing customers and their feelings at your peril, as they are vital to any business’s survival and future.

Following these customer service tips will ensure high levels of customer service which are key to building a successful, well-respected business with many satisfied, loyal returning customers. 

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