It’s been a tough twelve months for everyone, and as a manager, you will have seen just how true that is. Businesses have shuttered offices and sent people to work from home, they have placed employees on furlough schemes and asked them to be patient, and they have been forced to make some very difficult decisions when it comes to redundancies. It is important managers can be there for their employees.

Brighter times are on their way, but while we can all look forward to better things in the coming months of 2021, it’s still so important to make sure that you are there to support your employees through this difficult time. From old-timers to new hires, here are a few ways you can be there for the people you work with in the months ahead.

Stay In Touch

Since March 2020, workforces around the world have had to figure out how to work from home without losing those core essentials like speed, efficiency and teamwork. While video calls and instant messaging have made it easy to keep track of what everyone in your team is doing, that’s very different to the kind of casual social contact you would find in the office.

That’s why it’s crucial that managers can be there for their employees.  In reality, this means you make the extra effort to not only check in on whether they’re meeting their targets but to create safe spaces where they can discuss their mental health and offer virtual equivalents of the kind of socializing activities you would normally find in an office.

Have Their Backs

A Good leader prides themselves on supporting their employees and making them feel secure in their position, and right now that’s more of a responsibility than ever. We’ve all had to juggle a ton of duties in our personal lives through the pandemic, from helping a family member who’s sick to home-schooling our kids, and any support you can give makes a huge difference right now.

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Make Sure Everyone Feels Like Part Of The Team

How many of us have taken on little projects throughout a pandemic? Done some home improvement, learned how to cook a new recipe, or set some new fitness goals? In times as stressful as these, feeling like we’re working towards a goal has made a huge impact on our mental health, and that’s exactly why it’s so important to keep your employees and colleagues updated on the bigger picture and what they’re all working towards.

So there are some ideas so managers can be there for their employees. After all, we’re all in this together, and recognizing achievements both individual and team-related helps to remind everyone that, even though we’re all working at home on our individual computers, we are part of a team.

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