Employees are the most essential asset a company has, and treating them accordingly is the only way you can ensure your company will be successful. Unfortunately, companies often emphasize customers and revenue, so they almost completely forget to show employee recognition. 

In fact, according to a study done by Manila recruitment, 50% of global companies expressed that they had trouble addressing employee retention. 

Showing appreciation to employees within a company or business is a critical step to success. One way a business can show appreciation to its employees is through the psychology of recognition

Keep your Employees in Touch

Everyone enjoys being recognized in some way for the work they are doing in their position. Therefore, managers need to consider when and how they should give recognition to their employees to keep them motivated. In addition, it is necessary to understand how often they should give praise to employees.

It can be easy for upper management to fall into the daily work routine and completely forget to keep in touch with their staff. Unfortunately, this causes employees to feel out of touch with the leadership team and more likely to feel unimportant and unheard. 

Employees feel dissatisfied and discontent when they feel they aren’t appreciated for their work. A discontent employee is much more likely to quit a job than one that is happy in their position. 

Utilizing the psychology of recognition allows employees to get in touch more regularly with the leadership team, ultimately making them feel more appreciated. 

Reward Success

Rewards and recognition are two critical factors in keeping employees happy. Therefore, when implementing an employee recognition program, it’s essential also to reward success and dedication.

Reward small successes and create opportunities for large ones. Employees will feel appreciated and content knowing their hard work paid off and was also noticed. They will also feel valued and more secure in their career, knowing that good work is always rewarded. 

Show Your Employees Respect

By implementing an employee recognition program, a company proves to its employees that they matter and are respected. Studies show that next to feeling under-compensated with no opportunity to grow, feeling underappreciated is the most common reason that employees leave a job. 

Respect comes in many forms, and one way to unknowingly disrespect someone is not to give them any of your time. Managing a large company/corporation can be difficult, but showing employees respect and appreciation, even if it is in small ways, should always be the top priority. 

Suppose a company decides to partake in an employee recognition program. In that case, employees will see the effort and appreciate the gesture of respect. In turn, the company enjoys happy, hard-working employees. 

Recognition is a Win-Win for Everyone  

When recognized for their work, employees will be more likely to perform their tasks well consistently. In addition to that, they will appreciate their managers more and will give appreciation back to them. The physiology of recognition improves interpersonal relationships in the workplace for managers and employees alike. 

When there are stronger work relationships, the productivity levels will be higher, and the overall workplace environment will be more positive. Therefore, managers should give recognition to their employees at least once a week to consistently keep their spirits up.  

Be the Change

It’s evident that more companies need to value their employees and make recognition a priority. Still, change needs to start somewhere, and this change begins with you. Organizing an employee recognition program sets yourself and the company’s future up for long-term success.