Opening a small business can both be daunting and exciting for a new owner. But considering you’ll be handling different aspects of your company, juggling all of the responsibilities can be stressful. That’s why having a reliable and dedicated CPA can be beneficial in the long run.

Aside from saving you time in sorting out your accounting, experienced CPAs can bring more to your business. So to help you consider, below is a list of reasons why your business needs one.

1. Organized Records

As a business, it’s always wise to keep records of every financial transaction. This task is pretty easy to handle, but organizing the books can be difficult to keep up with if you’re managing a small business.

But with a professional CPA on your team, you’ll no longer have to worry about keeping the business records straight since they’ll be able to handle it for you. Besides, having your transactions documented and classified correctly will keep your records accurate and lowers the risk of making any accounting errors in the future. 

Plus, since you’ll know the financial management aspect of your business is taken care of, you’ll easily have more time to focus on other factors.

2. Guaranteed Tax Compliance

If tax season isn’t your favourite time of the year, you’ll no longer have to spend hours filling up the paperwork. Since your CPA can handle the filing process and ensure your business stays tax compliant. 

Having well-organized records will come in clutch this time of year, so filing and paying your taxes will go smoothly.

A dedicated CPA will also stay updated with any tax law changes, so they can let you know if the adjustments will affect your business. If they do, you can modify your operations so your business stays compliant and avoid any penalties.

3. Maximize Tax Benefits

While many business owners can handle filing and paying their taxes, you might not be aware that there are several tax credits and deductions your small business can claim.

That’s why having a savvy CPA can be handy since they won’t let you miss out on maximizing your tax benefits.

Since each deduction will have varying requirements, your CPA will also help you figure out which ones your business can qualify for. So don’t skip out on this advantage since you might strike out and get a big deduction.

4. Better Financial Management 

Since your CPA will have access to your business’s financial records, they can create a  budget that maximizes your business’ profits and cut down on unnecessary costs. This will also ensure you’ll have sufficient cash flow to maintain business operations and help determine the right time for buying assets.

Having an organized financial management system will also make financial reporting to banks and investors more efficient.

A CPA can also prepare an analysis of your business’s financial statements – which will provide you with a clear picture of its performance. It will also help you make better-informed decisions and avoid financial mistakes based on the data.

5. Solidify Business Plans

Behind every successful business is a clear business plan. So if you’re considering expanding your company, your CPA can help you create a smart business plan.

From the business structure, accounting method, budgets, and financial forecasts, there will be plenty of decisions you’ll have to make. To prevent you from getting overwhelmed, having a CPA guide you throughout the process will help ensure your business will succeed.

If they specialize in your industry, they’ll also be able to give your business an edge to help you stand out since they’ll be familiar with the particularities of the trade. But at the same time, they can also keep your business goals realistic since they’ll have an objective eye on your operation.

6. Personalized Business Advice

Whether you’re a seasoned business owner or a budding entrepreneur, you can always use the help of an experienced CPA when it comes to business and financial advice. 

Whether it’s understanding business jargon or solving a financial dilemma, they’re one of the best people to turn to since they can use their knowledge and experiences from handling different operations to provide you with solutions.

It’s even better if they’ve worked with your business for years since they can give you personalized advice considering they’re familiar with the ins and outs of your company. 

Looking for a reliable CPA?

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