Making a change in your life can feel hard. Going along with the status quo is often the easiest route to take. However, there is a price to pay for remaining in your comfort zone, which in reality means you are expecting the same type of day with the same type of routine. In other words, you could well be experiencing Groundhog Day.

When you realise life is your creation and you’re inner programming is creating your life you have a choice to make. That choice might be to stay in the zone or it might be to move to something different. There is no right way or wrong way. There is only what works for you or what doesn’t.

When life isn’t working for you it’s the time to become aware of what you are expecting to show up in your life and if you’re expecting people and situations which don’t work then it’s time to change your expectations. This takes effort and discomfort as you lift yourself out of your comfort zone of unconscious creation.

Changing Your Expectations

Here is a straightforward methodology to change your expectations which can help you to raise self-awareness and make changes.

1. Identify what’s not working

Identify an area of your life you would like to be different, for example, the quality of a relationship or a lifestyle situation.

2. Write it down

Write down how that relationship or situation is now. For example, my relationship with …. is sometimes hurtful and we often argue and that makes me feel unhappy. Or I never seem to have sufficient money to do the things I want.

Recognise that the story you are telling yourself about the person or situation is actually describing your expectation and that when you realise you get what you expect, you have to change your mind for things to be different.

3. Begin a different story

Begin telling a different story and what you are expecting and your experience will change. It would be best if you created small changes at first to build momentum. So, for example, you might say my relationship with …. has been hurtful in the past, however, I’m not going to focus on that, I’m going to look for those times when we get on and begin to appreciate and bring those aspects more into my experience. I have had money difficulties in the past but I’m open and willing to learn how to manage my money better and find ways to increase my income so that eventually money flows easily into my life.

Repeat these new stories every day even if you are experiencing the old expectation. Look for small changes and celebrate when you begin to see those changes. As your experience changes then strengthen your new story.

4. Be the change

Remember, the change is within you not the person or the situation. As you change your story and strengthen your belief in your new story then your new expectations must materialise. The change will be in what you focus on and what you experience rather than the person or the situation changes. There is a subtle difference.

5. Be Open To the how

If you believe you can experience something different you will. However, you must not get hung up on the way your experience will materialise. This can be the hard part.

We may find that the person who we have a difficult relationship with moves out of our life to be replaced by someone who meets our new expectations. Although it could also be that the existing person responds positively to your new energy or expectation.

If money is going to flow more quickly then it can be that you get a raise in your existing job or it could be that a new job or business opportunity comes your way. 

The trick here is to not be attached to how your new expectation will materialise in your life.  

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