Some of the companies hiring during COVID19 have never hired remotely before. I normally hire remotely so here are some tips on what to consider.

1. Ensure your end to end process is valuable

If you are required to suddenly shift to hiring remotely, don’t just replicate your current process, question the value of it and explore what it is you really want to be able to identify in candidates. Once you know that, design a new candidate experience to deliver that.

2. Create FAQs

At FYXER we used to call many potential applicants to tell them about the company, the role and how we work. Although this encouraged engagement, it was time-consuming, expensive and too early in the hiring process. We added an FAQ to our website, with all the questions from these calls. Of course, we still speak with candidates, but it is now done further through the candidate journey

3. Hiring for culture

In order to find people who share your values, you need to talk with them about your values throughout the candidate journey. Ensure application questions and the interview refers to your company values. If applicants don’t know them before, they should know them by the end of the process. Ask candidates how your values resonate with them and look for synergies.

4. Set clear expectations

When you hire remotely, make it easier for applicants to know if the role is suited to them by adding some straightforward Yes / No questions at the start of your application form. This could be set up to automatically disqualify candidates who don’t meet this criterion.

5. Use automation

Recruitment involves some repetitive administration, and it’s worth exploring whether you can automate some of those tasks. For example, use ATS reports instead of maintaining hiring pipeline sheets, use the Gmail scheduling tool for remote assessment centres and use calendars when organising interviews.

Learning how to hire remotely can be a challenge for all companies, but especially those that also operate remotely. Remote roles tend to receive hundreds of unqualified applications and it can be challenging and time-consuming to manage these kindly. After years of practice, I’ve found ways to make it easier for the hiring company and more straightforward for candidates. I hope these tips help! 

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

Head of People at FYXER & remote worker