If an entrepreneur is a brain, and customers are the heart of an organization, then employees are well-suited as its backbone. They aid entrepreneurs in accomplishing set business objectives, increasing profitability, and accelerating growth. However, it is only feasible if you have the right talent pool. It will boost the company’s productivity and lower the employee turnover rate.

“Hiring the right person for the right job can take your business up a notch.”

On the flip side, the wrong candidate selection will result in resource wastage and affect the company’s working environment.

This brings the question- How can you select the best talent pool for your organization? The answer is by creating a talent pipeline and shorting the resources. The beginning of this pipeline will require you to implement the following strategies.

Leverage Applicant Tracking System

If you use outdated shortlisting methods and select resumes, it’s high time to upgrade them. The majority of the candidates nowadays are technologically savvy. They are creating ATS resumes to attract hiring managers and secure jobs.

So, you must use the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to streamline, automate and speed up the hiring process. The system makes it easier for recruiters to disqualify candidates who do not match the employment requirements. As a result, you have to deal with fewer resumes to select the best candidates for the job.

The features of ATS will further aid in engaging candidates, tracking them, providing feedback, and circling back. This way, you also source candidates for the job profiles you are considering opening in the future.

Use Diversified Online Channels

Do you, like most recruiters, use professional networks such as LinkedIn to find potential employees? If yes, you should consider using diversified channels instead of relying on just one means.

For example, you need to have the right expertise for effective IT recruitment to ensure you get the right skills and this will require a different channel than more general recruitment.

You can use a guest blogging service to improve the brand’s visibility on search engines, highlight the amenities your company offers over social media channels and create accounts on industry-specific job search platforms. The more people will learn about your company, the more talent pool you can explore.

Not to forget, using online channels also plays a significant role in boosting the brand image. This way, even if there is no vacancy, graduates will apply for internships and part-time opportunities to give their careers a push with your brand.

Create A Mix Of Online & Offline Recruitment Methods

There’s no denying the online channels stated above can streamline your talent pipeline. However, you must mix it with offline techniques before making the final decision.

Suppose you opted for a link-building strategy, as suggested by Outreach Monks, to reach out to a wider human resources base. In that case, when the candidates approach a job using the hyperlink, you can continue the recruitment process by meeting them face-to-face.

Likewise, you should participate in job fairs and attend conferences and webinars to attract the attention of potential candidates. It’ll help set you up to stand out as a recruiter and build the dream team.

Align Goals With Hiring Managers

Sometimes companies miss out on exceptional talent due to a lack of understanding between the hiring managers and entrepreneurs. It is important to ensure that you and the recruitment team are on the same page. For this purpose, seamless communication is necessary.

Having said that, below are some tips that you can consider to enhance communication quality:

  • Once you receive a requisition, organize a kickoff meeting to learn more about the position and decide on necessary and desirable requirements.
  • Ask your recruiting manager to assist you in creating a list of sourcing avenues where your potential applicants might be active, as well as a list of role-specific search terms.
  • Together, conduct a few searches to talk about why particular applicants might or might not be suitable candidates for the position.
  • To identify the best candidate, evaluate the talent pool as a whole and decide if the criteria need to be tightened or eased.

Throughout the hiring process, stay in touch with your hiring manager to check the calibre and number of prospects and fine-tune your search based on their input. Keep in mind that the more involved and informed you will be about the hiring and onboarding process, the better talent you can get for your team.

Additionally, make sure to follow up with the candidates and encourage them to become a part of your team. It will help capture their mind and enhance their interest in becoming a part of the company.

To Sum It All Up

Finding and retaining company talents becomes easy when you follow the right strategy. It will make your recruiting pipeline robust, ensuring that your business deploys the best resources for its growth.

Nevertheless, bear in mind that when you have successfully recruited an employee, you must provide a positive and progressive company environment to them. It will accelerate their efficiency, facilitating business development.