Are you Inspired?

If you are anything like me,  you will understand what I mean when you sometimes feel like life’s like a roller coaster.  You will understand the ups and downs and the thrills and the spills.   When you put yourself “out there” and I would imagine most of you do, you are by the very nature of your choice of lifestyle, living close to the edge, often.   Often you are navigating many ups and downs and you get used to it.  It’s very difficult to tear one’s self away long enough to actually assess whether you need a life filled with such drama.  Or indeed whether you are living a life where the signs you are inspired are clear.

Which ladder are you on?

Another analogy I like to talk to my clients about is that of putting one’s ladder against the wrong wall.  When this is the case it’s guaranteed you will emerge at the top in the wrong place.  Firstly I have to qualify this practice of trying many different things only to find when it’s not what you want, expected or envisaged because that is how we learn.   Learning what we don’t want is only a precursor to identifying what we do want. But do we have to navigate up the wrong ladder so frequently?

Being on the right ladder

The times in your life when you have actually got on the right ladder or navigated more ups than downs are most likely when you have acted when inspired, whether you recognize it or not.  When you are inspired, you are “in spirit”.  This means the wise being which is your collective consciousness is directing the show.  You know when you are acting out of inspiration when:

1. You feel completely at peace with what you are doing

In this space you are acting with any doubt lingering in your mind, nor are you acting with passionate determination.  You are able to let go of the outcome and be happy anyway.  Your mind doesn’t think excessively about what you are doing, you are in the flow.

2. Feeling blessed, positive, abundant and grateful is your natural state

You have an enhanced sense of well-being, and it’s all good.  When you think about the journey you are on or the outcome you want to achieve, you feel like the luckiest person in the world.

3. At no time do you pay attention to an inner or outer critic

Those negative detractors simply cease to matter.  When someone questions whether you are on the right path, you don’t feel any burning emotion, either to hotly defend yourself or to feel intense fear in case they are right.   You simply smile and say, “I don’t know, let’s see”, and you honestly mean it.

When you are inspired, you are never sure where you are going to end up, but in my experience, you always either end up in a good place or an even better place.

So there you have my 3 signs you are inspired, what are yours?

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