Studies show that it could take up to 36 days for many companies to fill a position, costing them a lot of money. Most organisations do not have the money, time, or resources dedicated to hiring every new employee. This is why it’s more important than ever to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your recruitment process. After all, hiring the wrong employee can cost a company even more money, not to mention wasting valuable time and resources. So, here are some ways to improve your recruitment process, giving your company a strategic advantage in a competitive recruitment market.

1. Recruitment Based on Values

Many benefits come with hiring new employees that are a culture fit for the company. When a new hire’s cultural preferences align with the company’s, they will feel happier and more satisfied in their new role and be motivated to give their best at work. Thus, one way to improve your recruitment process is to apply a value-based recruitment strategy.

The first step is to map out the culture and values that are important to your organisation. For some, this should be easy, especially if they have already established a set of company values. If not, the first step is to think about the different values that matter to your organisation, including brand, societal, and organisational values. Once you have built up a list, use this as your foundation in implementing a value-based recruitment strategy.

2. Remote Recruiting

Remote working is on the rise worldwide, but remote hiring is still a new concept in recruitment. When recruiting remotely, companies must adjust the key elements involved in their recruitment process, invest in relevant technologies, and update employee policies. These modifications help ensure successful remote hiring and choose those who can positively impact the company’s remote working environment.

Remote hiring brings a whole new world of opportunities. Companies realise that they can hire better talents since they are no longer limited to choosing candidates in a single area – you can remotely seek out candidates from other parts of the world who possess the skills they need. Moreover, remote working can significantly reduce recruiting costs since hiring remotely could mean getting access to the best talents who live in places with a lower cost of living.

3. Bring in an Industry Expert Recruiter

Another way companies can improve their recruitment strategies is to work with industry expert recruiters. For instance, companies in the electronics industry can bring in a specialist electronic engineer recruiter who holds valuable expertise in the electronics sector. Electronic expert recruitment is a niche industry; this would differ massively from bringing in an electrical expert recruiter, a different industry altogether, so it’s worth bringing in industry experts who can help find the right talents.

Specialist recruiters have deep market knowledge and know “who is who” in the industry. Thus, they know where to find the best talents. They can also tap on their niche expertise to guide you on market trends, desirable skill sets, salary expectations, the latest technologies, and employee expectations within your sector.