Hiring new employees for an SME can be risky. You may have an extraordinary workplace dynamic and don’t want to ruin it by hiring someone who isn’t the right fit. There’s always a risk of that happening, but that risk may be much smaller when you know what to look for in job applicants. Here are just a few of the many ways to know that a job applicant could be the right fit for your company:

They Pass a Background Check

A background check is always an excellent initial way to identify the most fitting people for a job. You can learn about criminal convictions, education, and employment history. Background checks can also shed light on an applicant’s financial situation to understand how responsible they are with money.

If they have an excellent credit history, they might have used the best tradeline companies to improve their score or have been financially responsible for a long time. The more green flags you get from a background check, the more confident in your decision you might be in hiring someone new.

They’ve Researched Your Business

Just as you might research an applicant before interviewing them, applicants can also research your business. If they’ve taken the time to learn more about your products, services, mission statements, and business goals, you may see them as someone who’s thoughtful, passionate and has great attention to detail. These may be all positive attributes you’d like to see in an employee.

In contrast, you may view someone as unsuitable if they haven’t even visited your business website. If they haven’t wanted to know more about your business, they may not have the passion you want from someone you’re hiring to be in your close-knit team.

They Follow Instructions

Determining someone’s suitability for a role at your company can begin before you even meet applicants in person. You undoubtedly want someone who can follow instructions, so pay attention to whether they have regarding what you’ve requested during the application process.

For example, you might request that applicants only upload their resumes online rather than delivering them in person. If you receive hand-delivered resumes, you can see that some applicants failed to follow your explicit instructions.

They’re Engaging and Professional

An engaging and professional applicant may ultimately become an engaging and professional employee. There are plenty of signs to identify someone with these values, such as maintaining eye contact, being friendly and respectful, and wearing tidy and appropriate clothing to their interview. When you can identify these positive signs, you may feel more confident to make a hiring decision.

They Ask Follow-Up Questions

Starting a new job with an unfamiliar business can be overwhelming. There’s so much you don’t know and need to know. As a result, it can be confusing when you offer applicants the opportunity to ask questions to learn more, and they decline. You may notice that some applicants stand out from the crowd if they ask insightful questions beyond those related to pay, such as the type of work they’ll be doing and future learning and development opportunities.

You may never know whether a job applicant is the right fit for your SME before hiring them. However, you may be on to a winner if you can relate to these signs above.