A few degrees sit at the pinnacle of the education system, or at least in our minds anyway. The degrees that many hold in high esteem are doctors, accountants, lawyers, chemical engineers, an MBA, and many more. The reason we hold these degrees in such high esteem isn’t the amount these individuals would earn, and it’s mainly because of the intense period of studying they go through to earn their degrees. But how difficult is earning your MBA in reality? Stick around to find out.

A Master of Business Administration is a significantly difficult postgraduate degree, mainly due to the huge workload students need to complete the course. Students who do well in their MBAs usually spend 4 to 6 hours a day on their studies, more if possible. As a whole, MBA courses require around 135 hours per semester at minimum.

What you’re in for?

If you’re choosing to study for an MBA, it’s safe to say that you’re fairly accomplished academically. But be prepared to be stretched beyond what you’re used to. Even as a full-time student, an MBA will still require significant parts of your everyday life. Now, we understand that this sounds like you’ll have no life while you’re studying, which isn’t the case.

All we’re saying is that you will need to be prepared for long nights and the responsibility to juggle your studies, social life, events, and other activities. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Managing your time effectively will allow you to try and juggle everything you need to, but there will be those days when you feel like there’s no time. But hey, it’s been done by many others before, so you can do it, too.

Common mistakes students make

The worst thing students can do when they do their MBA is go in unaware and unprepared. So, to help you, we’ve made a list of some of the most common mistakes students make. Here they are:

  • Being unaware of the workload. Many students start their MBA and are unprepared for the expected workload. As a result, they get a sharp wake-up call and most likely fret trying to get their first few assignments done
  • Mismanaging their time. Because an MBA requires so much time, many students neglect to manage their time appropriately and then hand in half-hearted or incomplete work
  • Many students also place too much emphasis on getting the best grades at the expense of learning the practical skills necessary for the working world. For example, they’d rather stay home and study than join events where they can learn to network.

It depends on the subjects you’re good at

The difficulty of earning your MBA will also largely depend on what subjects you’re good at and your ability to cope with the demands of the course. We’d suggest looking at your subject allocation lists to see what subjects you’re taking and picking out the ones that’ll be most challenging for you. At least by finding the difficult subjects, you can work on being better prepared for them when they come around.

Having a good foundation in subjects like maths, science, or any statistic-based subject will also help, especially because you’ll be faced with a lot of situations that require you to utilise these skills throughout the course. However, if you’re a maths boffin, you might find that these subjects are a bit easier for you.

How to get through your MBA

As we’ve already established, getting through your MBA will be tough, but it’s not impossible. Here are some tips that’ll help you succeed if you implement them well:

Acclimate to your new home

In situations where you’re studying from a physical university and not studying via correspondence, we’d suggest taking a few days to settle into your new home. Learn where everything is on the school grounds, check what classes you’ll be attending and find exactly where they are. Also, look for areas where you can get away to relax for a bit. Trust us, you’ll need them.

Learn to manage your time effectively

As if we haven’t said enough already, you need to manage your time well when doing an MBA. One slip-up and the domino effect will feel like a never-ending landslide of work to get through. So, you need to stay on top of your studies. To do this, you need to prioritise. This means doing bulk shopping, well-planned coffee dates with mates, and setting time to get out and do your own thing.

Make connections

University is the perfect place to start networking when earning your MBA. In the business world, networking can propel your career forward. At uni, you can develop relationships with individuals who might be colleagues, employees, competitors, or even partners when you’re further along in your career. Making a good impression on them at university can set you up nicely for potential business opportunities further down the line.

Make sure you understand terms and concepts

With a Master’s degree, your lecturers would have expected you to have the necessary understanding to do your research and follow up on things you don’t understand. Whether this is done by asking them or doing your research you must do it. Your lecturers will move on with the curriculum. They don’t have time to go back and repeat information. So they need you to get things the first time around and ask if you don’t understand before they move on.

Also, remember that you’re not alone. You have a whole class of students that you can lean on, too. So, if there’s something you missed and just can’t seem to understand, ask a fellow student for help. This is a great way of building connections as well.

Final Thoughts

Earning your MBA is tough but not impossible. With the right frame of mind and good time management, you’ll get through to the other side of your degree in no time, looking back at all the late nights to appreciate the fruit of your efforts.