HR managers hire talented candidates, but who hires HR managers? The HR manager is one of the key employees in any company. Companies who understand this strive to hire the most innovative and progressive HR managers with technical knowledge and intuition at the same time. In this article, we have collected 12 of the most creative HR job titles. Find the one that appeals to your company and boldly use it to attract the best HR gurus ever.

Chief Happiness Officer

The happiness of employees is not a hyped trend. It is a need that they need for development and the ability to channel their energy into the working mainstream. And globally, this is the most important goal of an HR specialist – to provide such an atmosphere in the team when each of its members will be happy.

Director of Attracting Talent

Agree, this sounds more creative and non-standard than the Talent Acquisition Specialist – although the essence does not change. It is true talents that move the company forward along the path of growth and development, and such a formulation of a job title directly indicates that a certain organization understands this.

Head of Optimistic People

This name also directly speaks of the values of the company – most likely, this organization builds its culture around the people who work in it,, and optimism and a bold look into the future is one of the key values.

People and Change Management Officer

As you understand, change is the keyword in this title wording. And this is also a clear indication that the company is never in a state of stagnation – and is constantly moving forward.

Director of People and Values

People and Values – do you see the relationship between these two words? That’s right, people are the greatest value, and it is obvious that the company using this title shares this opinion. The right people that share the value of your company will be able to spread this worldview among your customers strengthening your external and internal relations even more.

Employee Journey Guide

A job involving continuous growth and development is actually like a journey – and you may never know in what place you will find yourself the next day. In this case, the task of an HR manager is to make this journey exciting.

Happiness Activator

And this is again about the happiness of the employees. More and more companies make this their key priority and say that employee happiness equals customer happiness. And they are absolutely right. So, if your company prioritizes employees’ happiness and satisfaction, helps them in maintaining the work-life balance, feel free to use this creative title to call your HR manager.

Adventure Coach

The essence of this name is a bit similar to the Employee Journey Guide, but in this case, the company simultaneously promises its employees not only the journey but interesting adventures along with it as well. This is a good title for an Hr manager working in a very flexible company who is always ready to revise the strategy and face the new but interesting challenges.

Corporate Wellness and Well-Being Specialist

In this case, wellness and well-being are the key terms. And if the company hires an HR manager using this job title, all other employees have the right to expect these values in relation to them as well. What is more, this is a good title to attract highly-skilled employees who know what are they worth of and are looking for the company which will take care of them in exchange for their expertise.

Culture, Diversity and Engagement Manager

This is a crucial role for which you can hire three different specialists. However, this company considers that one talented person is able to combine these tasks.

Employee Experience Advisor

Employee experience is a relatively new term but it has already acquired a lot of importance – just as users experience. And in this case, the company is striving to provide the best one for its people.

Head of Workforce of the Future

This is a clear sign of a future-oriented company. And of course, this company wants to get the same HR manager – to ask him or her to hire the people of the future as well. This HR job title is perfectly suitable for the company that is developing innovations and changing the old-school approaches.


As you can see, the human resources manager is certainly basic, but only one of the possible titles for this specialist in your company. Creativity and success, as a rule, go hand in hand, and this may well relate to the job titles of all your employees, in addition to an HR manager.

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