There is a misconception that animated videos are only suitable for advertising on external resources and promoting your products on the market. In fact, animation has a huge range of possibilities and applications, one of which is successfully used by HR specialists.

Explainer is a relatively new format in the video world that has immediately become popular. HR specialists actively order them from the MezzoLab animated video production company. After all, videos that explain a product or the operating principle of an entire company are a powerful marketing tool and business owners value it for its many useful characteristics. What is an explainer? Why is it needed? What are the benefits for the company or product? How to use it in HR? In this article, we will answer all questions.


Explainer videos are a fairly popular marketing tool and explainers are valued for several characteristic features:

  1. Purpose. Explainer videos talk about products or a company and its services. That is, their content most often contains information about a new product, startup, service, IT development, technology, or innovation. The video explains the principles of operation, ways to solve the problem, and differences from competitors. Such videos can be compared to video instructions, mini-lectures, or manuals. 
  2. The message. Despite the fact that videos explaining the operating principles of a new product are a very effective sales tool for business, their characteristic feature is the absence of explicit advertising. There is no imposition of explainers, and the viewer is given a reasoned explanation of the features and benefits that he will receive when purchasing the product.
  3. Timing. Typically, product videos are between one and two minutes long. This is the standard and it is rare that the timing can be different.
  4. Format. Explainers are videos created not based on filming, but using design – computer graphics and animation. This is, for example, motion design, graphic design, art illustrations, 2D and 3D animations, stop-motion, or infographics. Traditional video shooting does take place, but less frequently and it should still occupy no more than 50% of the volume of the entire video, and the remaining half is again graphics.

Explainers are content for the Internet, where they can be posted on any video hosting sites, websites, landing pages of company portals, or on social networks. It is not customary to post them on TV.

HR Animation Video: Scope of Use

HR video solves various problems, including:

  • personnel recruitment;
  • HR brand advertising;
  • onboarding;
  • attracting specialists, etc.

The effectiveness of a video depends on the task assigned to the production studio and the professionalism of its employees.

A video of this format is suitable in cases where you need:

  1. Brand promotion. This is one of the main requests that customers bring to the production studio. Moreover, promotion, as a rule, is implemented in several directions: universal videos that attract the attention of potential or existing specialists, attracting a new employee to a position.
  2. Selection of qualified personnel for the company staff or for a special internship program. Using video, it is possible to convey relevant information to candidates for a position, a special project, etc. An HR video will cause a great response from the audience in a few minutes and will collect the maximum number of views.
  3. Congratulations to employees, business partners, and management. The congratulations option is often combined with other tasks; for example, a corporate video may include not only a general congratulation to all staff but also point to the company’s achievements, motivating the team to achieve even better results.

These are just the most popular tasks for creating videos. An HR video can be in the form of an interview, a report, use a voice-over, or be an emotional production with actors.

Why Is Animated Video Great for Human Resources? 

There are many reasons. Let’s start with the fact that small animated videos can contain a huge amount of information, which is not always easy to explain in words to future and current employees. In the video, all this information is condensed and presented in the most simple, but vivid and memorable way. Thus, time is saved not only for employees but also for HR specialists.

Animated videos are great for training or retraining employees. Information presented in this way is absorbed faster and easier. It’s even more fun than sitting through regular lectures. 

Another obvious benefit of creating animated recruiting videos is the ability to share your hiring video on social media. This method is fast, and convenient and creates a positive image of a company that is ready to invest in its employees.

Each such video is a unique “film” about your company, using your corporate identity and your goals. In it, you can simply talk about the history of the organization, its values, profitable promotions, corporate universities, the culture of employees, and so on. Such videos evoke an emotional response and, of course, build trust in the employer.

Save your time and effort with short but catchy animated videos.