If you recently graduated high school or university and are about to start your first job, you must have a fresher resume on hand. In contrast to the traditional chronological resume format, which emphasizes relevant work experience, first-year students need a resume format that highlights their strengths while also emphasizing their suitability for the position they are applying for.

Using the following steps, you can create a more modern resume:

Read The Job Description Thoroughly

Every resume should be tailored to the job you’re applying for and demonstrate that you share the company’s core values in terms of skills and qualities. Before you begin writing your resume, read the job description thoroughly. This will help you select the keywords you should include in your resume.

Take Resume Help Online

CV/Resume writing services have become increasingly popular in recent years. Your skills can be highlighted in a compelling application with the help of the best CV writers in the UK. A professional CV writer knows what to include and how to structure it. They understand what relevant experience and the skills should be focused on to impress the reader.

State Your Contact Information

Your name, address (or city and state), phone number, and email address should all be listed in the first section of your resume. Understandably, some people don’t want to include their complete address in their application, but you may want to reconsider if you live closer to the company’s office. If you have your social media profiles, websites, blogs, or portfolios in this section, make sure that everything on your profile is professional and reflects the personal, professional brand you want to portray.

Write a Powerful Personal Statement

This section of your resume should include a personal summary of who you are as a professional, your career goals, and why you are the ideal candidate for the position. An excellent summary statement for a resume should demonstrate your interest in the job you’re applying for and how your skills and experience will benefit the company.

List Your Skills

After that, you’ll need to decide which of your hard and soft skills will be most helpful in securing the position for which you’re applying. You can often find specific skills that the employer is looking for listed in the job description. A one or two-column format is the best way to record your skills, stating the skill and level of experience.

Provide Educational Information

If you have relevant training, certifications, and education, this section of your resume should include them. This could be your college major and minor, professional licenses and certifications, college certificate courses, and any additional professional training you’ve completed. It can also include information about any honours, awards, or scholarships.

Include Relevant Experience

Having no prior professional work experience does not rule out the possibility of relevant volunteer or internship work that you have done. It’s OK to include if you’ve done an internship, volunteer work, educational projects, or relevant coursework to demonstrate your skills and knowledge. If you’re applying for a job, you should include the name of the experience or project and a brief description of your role.

Highlight Any Skills

If you’re fluent in a foreign language, you can mention it in your resume. The information could be crucial in securing the position. Since many companies now operate globally, qualified candidates with multilingual skills are in high demand.

Mention Your Willingness to Learn New Skills

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, employers are increasingly seeking employees who are eager and able to learn new skills quickly. An emphasis on these points in your resume can attract the attention of potential employers.


Review the resume for any errors, omissions, grammatical, or spelling mistakes to impress employers and demonstrate your attention to detail. It’s a good idea to go over it with a family member or a friend to make sure you understand everything.